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General Khalsa Aid (uk ) Banbladesh Cyclone Relief


Apr 3, 2005

Posted : Sun, 16 Dec 2007 13:49:52 GMT
Author : Ravinder Singh
Category : PressRelease
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Khalsa Aid launched a relief mission to assist the people of Bangladesh who were struck by a deadly cyclone in early November, The cyclone has devastated the southwest of the country killing nearly 5000 and leaving 100000s homeless.

Ravinder Singh of Khalsa Aid ( KA ) landed in Dhaka , Bangladesh on Monday 10th Dec 2007. He already had made contact with a local charity in Bangladesh and spent the first day establishing further contacts

The drive to the effected district of Barisal is apprx 7 hours from Dhaka which also includes a ferry crossing .Barisal is the only commercial city near the cyclone effected areas but its still another 3 hours away from the disaster zone It’s a very very difficult area for logistics and made worse by roads in terrible conditions. Mr Singh spent the night in Barisal and left at 7am next morning and reached the 3 villages of Podha in the disaster zone at 10am. The destruction was similar to that caused by a cyclone in Orissa, East India which KA had also visited and provided humanitarian aid.

These 3 villages had suffered 90% damage to property and many people killed .The local school has lost 30 children out of their total of 175..The school is totally destroyed, it could have been worse but the cyclone occurred when the school was shut .The main village is on the banks of the river Barisal which meets the Bay of Bangal not far from the village. The river carried the sea towards the village at a frightening speed and wiped out everything in its path. The lucky and healthy ones climbed trees , houses or fled , the not so lucky ones perished along with the animals.

Mr Singh spent most of the day assessing the situation and decided that Khalsa Aid will provide the unfortunate people of these villages with clean drinking water. Mr Singh arrived back to Dhaka and has ordered several large water tanks each with 1000Litre capacity these will be placed several places around these villages. A commercial water tanker will be commissioned by KA to refill these water tanks every 2 days with fresh drinking water .Further more KA will also assist in building permanent natural water filter plants in these villages.

Another KA volunteer Mandeep Singh will be arriving to Bangladesh to take over the relief work as Ravinder Singhs time is coming to an end and he has to go back to his “normal”job back in London soon.

Khalsa Aid has so far provided aid in Albania ( Kosovo War ), Orissa, East India ( cyclone ),Turkey (Earthquake ), Somalia, Congo ,Afghanistan ,West India, Gujarat (earthquake ),Pakistan (Earthquake ) Kashmir ( earthquake ), Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Tsunami ) , South India (Tsunami ) Sri Lanka ( Tsunami ). None of the Khalsa Aid volunteers or members are paid for their work and rely entirely on the generosity of the Sangat for donations to carry out relief operations

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