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Khalsa Aid Khalsa Aid: Punjab And Global Relief Update


Jun 1, 2004
Khalsa Aid: Punjab and Global Relief update

HAITI: Another Team Despatched

The earthquake in January 2010 left Haiti devastated and killed over 230000 people. Khalsa Aid has been involved in providing sustained aid to the survivors of the earthquake since January, 10 KA volunteers have flown to Haiti over the past year from the UK and North America. This aid included:

1.Installing water tanks in several relief camps

2.Providing clean water and food throughout the worst affected areas

3.Providing crutches, medicines and mobilising mobile medical clinics

4.Setting up a camp for International NGOs to operate from (Camp Unity)

5.Installing water pumps in 6 orphanages and providing them with food.

YouTube - Khalsa Aid - Haiti Relief Aid 2010 - Part 1
YouTube - Khalsa Aid - Haiti Relief 2010 -Part 2
(short clip on our work in Haiti)

The latest KA volunteers to head to Haiti, Parmjit Singh and Karam Kaur flew out on the 3rd Dec 2010 to offer assistance and implement preventative measures against the recent Cholera outbreak. (Parmjit and Karam raised over £3000 from family and friends for the project)

Khalsa Aid has had several requests for further installation of water pumps; we will be working closely with our local Haitian contacts to expand the Khalsa Aid Water4Haiti program in other areas of North Haiti.

" Was pleasantly surprised to see some of your work around PaP (Port Au Prince)! Thank you for your great work and I look forward to hearing from you! Regards in service, "
WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) R&D Coordinator for Oxfam GB, (Haiti, July 2010)

PUNJAB, Supporting Sikhs in Poverty
Since 2009 KA has been working tirelessly in identifying and meeting the needs of the poverty stricken Sikhs in rural Punjab, who are facing challenges such as the rise of drugs & alcohol abuse, unemployment and the rise of divisive cults. There is also an aggressive campaign by Christian Missionaries to convert the underprivileged Sikhs through financial assistance and deception.

Khalsa Aid launched Focus Punjab in 2008 to raise awareness of the issues in Punjab to the Sikh Diaspora. We believe that the International Sikh community must reach out to the poor Sikhs in Punjab and support them spiritually and financially. In Jan 2009 we initiated a sponsorship scheme for 60 Sikh children from poor families in Goindwal, each of these children who regularly attend a Gurmat Gian Gurbani centre receive 250 Rupees monthly.

We now currently sponsor 90 Sikh children, which will increase monthly with the support of the Sangat.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?<wbr>v=N2Etz40yrpo (short video on Focus Punjab)

KA urges all Sikhs to sponsor the opening of Gurmat centres in their villages, evenif you wish to do this independently of KA we will endeavour to provide logistical assistance.

Bibi Paramjit Kaur from Glasgow, Scotland, contacted Khalsa Aid early in 2010 and opened a Gurmat Gian Gurbani centre in her village, Apra, Punjab. The pracharak is based in Apra but covers 10 villages in the vicinity of Apra; this centre teaches Gurbani to over 300 children and also holds discussions on the dangers of drugs & alcohol abuse.

Khalsa Aid has opened a Gurmat Gian Gurbani centre
in Saduwal, Mansa; this area is the stronghold of the Cult leader Ram Rahim. The Saduwal Centre is in an area of extreme poverty, the children in this centre receive a regular sum of 200 Rupees a month for attending the Gurbani classes twice a week. We wish to increase this program to the surrounding villages, we can only do this with your support.

Dharmi Faujis: Forgotten Heroes of the Panth

During the attack on Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in June 1984 thousands of Sikhs in the Indian Military immediately left their barracks and some marched towards Amritsar to defend their holiest shrine. Most of these 'Dharmi Faujis' were slaughtered along the way and the remaining were imprisoned.

The Indian government stripped them off their rights, privileges and pensions. These Singhs are now living in dire poverty and their families have suffered immense misery.

The process of identifying the neediest Dharmi Faujis began in the beginning of November 2010 (we currently have a list of 309); it is a very slow process as KA volunteers have to travel across Punjab. So far Khalsa Aid has set up monthly payments of 1500 Rupees to 12 Dharmi Fauji families, and we aim to increasethis rapidly every month until all Dharmi Faujis in need are supported:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?<wbr>v=QZ0SnE7wmBE (video of Dharmi Faujis)

The number of Dharmi Faujis assisted is directly linked to the support we receive from the Sangat, if you would like to donate for this cause please click: http://www.justgiving.com/<wbr>punjab

If you would like to directly sponsor a Sikh child or Dharmi Fauji, please set up monthly donations, KA will provide full contact details to enable donors to communicate with those they support. In fact KA encourages volunteers/sponsors to travel to Punjab/Haiti to see with their own eyes the work carried out and the difference made by the Sangats Dasvandh (donations).

Khalsa Aid Volunteers

Khalsa Aid would like to thank recent (UK) volunteers who have taken time out to raise awareness and funds for Khalsa Aid:

Jaspal Singh: <wbr> Raised £1902.56 trekking up Scafell Pike (978m)

Paramjit Singh and Karam Kaur:
Raised over £3000 for projects in Haiti

Khalsa Klub: <wbr> Raised over £2000 for Pakistan/Punjab Floods through sponsored walk

Team Aasra: <wbr> Raised £128.21 running a Marathon

Peaks Khalsa: Raised nearly £4000 by trekking 3 of the highest mountains in UK in 24hrs!

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Donate: http://www.justgiving.com/<wbr>Charity/Donate.aspx?cid=188591

Baljit Singh
E-mail: baljitsingh@khalsaaid.org

UK Registered Charity (#1080374)



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