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Jun 1, 2004

Update 3rd April, 2011

This MOB ran riot in the refugee camp on the Tunisian/Libyan border.Our car was almost attacked and then we had to seek shelter , the military camp we were in was overrun.We were only few metres from the MOB. The 30 mins of mindless violence came to an end when we managed to slip through after the military displayed their guns. I salute the Tunisian military for their patience and courage, they w ere being attacked but did not fire a single shot. We were lucky to come out uninjured.

2nd April 2011

Thousands of migrant workers and civilians from Libya are stranded on the Tunisian/Libya border known as Ras Ajdir. Many are from very poor countries and they simply cannot afford to return to their respective homelands. Khalsa Aid and The Tunisian Red Crescent are extremely concerned that the situation is reaching critical, and are witnessing many more refugees arriving on the Tunisian border on a daily basis.

Khalsa Aid (UK) has launched an aid program to assist the refugees in the camps at Ras Ajdir. KA is working closely with the Rotary Club Tunis (who has offered their full assistance) to purchase and supply much needed food and basic sanitation materials. Ravinder Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid is in Tunisia helping to set up the relief program.

"There is a great need to assist these refugees. Many are migrant workers who are by no means wealthy. As the war intensifies, some of their governments will not be able to bring them home at all, so we must do all we can to look after these innocent victims. There are families here huddled together in make shift tents with no water, food or proper shelter. Very little aid is getting through – the situation is desperate.”

Khalsa Aid is the first cross border humanitarian organisation based on the Sikh principles of Sarbat Da Bhalla and Vand Kay Chakna.

Khalsa Aid is dependent on the generosity of the Sangat to carry out such vital Seva. We are extremely grateful to the Sangat for supporting our global aid projects over the past 12 years since our launch.

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