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Khalsa Aid Khalsa Aid - Libyan Refugees Relief Update


Jun 1, 2004
Libyan Refugees Relief Update

Libyan Conflict:
Thousands of migrant workers and civilians from Libya are stranded on the Tunisian/Libya border known as Ras Ajdir. Many are from very poor countries and they simply cannot afford to return to their respective homelands. Khalsa Aid and The Tunisian Red Crescent are extremely concerned that the situation is reaching critical, and are witnessing many more refugees arriving on the Tunisian border on a daily basis.

Khalsa Aid (UK) has launched an aid program to assist the refugees in the camps at Ras Ajdir. KA is working closely with the Rotary Club Tunis, the Red Crescent and the UNHCR (United Nations Refugees Agency).

Ravinder Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid has been on the ground since the 2nd of April helping to set up the relief program.

Aid Provided
One of the first actions taken by Khalsa Aid was to act upon the request of Senior Tunisian Military Doctors, who urgently requested baby milk powder for the hundreds of babies in the Choucha refugee camp, deliveries of which began on April 5th.

The UNHCR (United Nations Refugees Agency) team requested Khalsa Aid to assist with clean drinking water, with water supplies at the camp almost completely depleted. Khalsa Aid delivered 25,000 Litres of clean drinking water to the Choucha Refugee camp on Wed 6th April, and will continue to provide drinking (bottled) water to the most vulnerable and the young until the water filtration is installed at the camp. We are also working closely with the World Food Program (WFP) to assist with security provisions during the hectic and often dangerous food distributions.

Mount Snowdon Hike
Khalsa Aid will like to thank the hundreds of Khalsa Aid volunteers who are joining the sponsored hike up Mount Snowdon (Wales) this weekend, and wish them well in this great effort.

We would like to thank the Sangat who sponsored them and also Khalsa Aid Regional Coordinators Charan Singh (Southall), Jaspal Singh & Kuljit Kaur (Hitchin), Ravinder Singh (Bedford), Kiratraj Singh (Birmingham), Tarnjit Singh (Coventry), Jatinder Singh (Nottingham) and Sadh Sangat from Leicester for arranging the event.

Khalsa Aid:
Khalsa Aid is the first cross border humanitarian organisation based on the Sikh principles of Sarbat Da Bhalla and Vand Kay Chakna.

Khalsa Aid is dependent on the generosity of the Sangat to carry out such vital Seva. We are extremely grateful to the Sangat for supporting our global aid projects over the past 12 years since our launch.

To donate monthly or to make a one off donation, please click on the following link:http://www.justgiving.<wbr>com/khalsaaid or please visit www.khalsaaid.org for more information about the work we continue to do.

Join our Mailing list http://www.khalsaaid.org/<wbr>lists/?p=subscribe
To receive updates on our projects as well as volunteering opportunities.

Khalsa Aid
UK Registered Charity (#1080374)
Main Office: +44 (0) 1753 567 457


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