Khalsa Aid Khalsa Aid: Haiti And Punjab

Khalsa Aid is deeply saddened by the tragic events in Haiti after the earthquake on Tuesday afternoon, January 12th, the worst earthquake in 200 years.

The relief efforts have been hindered by the destruction of the infrastructure and limited capacity of the national airport.Khalsa Aid has decided to coordinate with a relief agency already working in Haiti, this will be cost effective and less likely to hinder relief efforts.
The task of choosing our partners has been a very careful process and we will review our working relationship at frequent intervals, we have a responsibility to our donors to make sure the aid is delivered efficiently. There will be an initial period of assessment of needs in Haiti before deciding on the purchasing of relief materials.

Although we will be carrying out relief operations in disaster hit areas etc across the globe ,our priority in 2010 is Punjab. Khalsa Aid is deeply concerned at the rise of drugs abuse amongst the youth ,HIV/Aids , severe poverty and farmer suicides.We hope the Sikh Diaspora will also initiate development and educational projects in their villages of origin, we will be happy to offer assistance to any individual who wishes to do so.Punjab has been neglected by most of the worlds relief/development agencies either due to ignorance or political reasons, but we the Diaspora have no excuse to let it slide into a state of total neglect.

Please support our work generously so that we may continue to reach out to the most needy of our world.