Khalsa Aid Khalsa Aid Comes To The Rescue Of People Stranded In Panipat Due To The #jaat Reservation Riots!


The volunteers of Khalsa Aid came to the rescue of many who were stranded in Panipat due to the Jat protests. The International Sikh Relief work organisation supplied water bottles and food to the people who were stuck in buses as the Panipat-Kairana and Karnal-Shamli routes were blocked.


This is not the first time Khalsa Aid has come to the rescue of the distressed.

They have helped the people who were stuck in Chennai floods and have also distributed food and basic necessities to people during Nepal earthquake.
Khalsa Aid is a wonderful organisation that embodies the true spirit of "Nanak naam chardikala tere banne sarbat da bhalla." They give help all over the world wherever it is needed.

From their first mission to Kosovo in 1999, KA has fearlessly gone into the world's hotspots, doing what Sikhs do best, helping the downtrodden and oppressed and asking nothing in return (although a smile and a "thank you" are appreciated.)

The founder and CEO, Ravi Singh, has several times made his way deep into Daesh (ISIS) territory to bring aid and comfort to the people there, literally risking his head for those who need aid. Years after the earthquake in Haiti, after other aid organisations have packed up and gone home, KA is still supporting orphanages there. These are only a couple of examples. The Philippines, Libya, Somalia, England, and Yemen are a few other places they have helped. They are currently also helping the flood of refugees from Syria with their needs.

Sikhs in need are not overlooked. KA has provided massive aid, building houses, paying for medical care, and providing for all the needs of the survivors of 1984 and after in Punjab. I whole-heartedly support them and suggest you look into them and their work on your own. They do the Sikh nation proud! :kaurflagred: