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Khalistanis Vs Khalistanis

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by harsimiritkaur, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. harsimiritkaur

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    Aug 19, 2005
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    What is the definition of khalistani? I know the language definition, but in the California area there are good and bad khalistanis. The bad ones are using shaheed images to work on people's emotions, so that they can make a lot of money to put into their pockets. The good kalistanis, I guess are collecting the money to help the poor or to pay for the costs of legislative advocacy and to help refugee assylum cases. I don't know where the money goes. In some gurdwaras the bad khalistani pressure committee members to write sponsorship letters, and many are sold at high cost, like $40,000. I was told by several Sikhs that if I wanted to start a gurdwara, the bad khalistanis would threaten with lies to the Federal Government, unless I give them lots of money or let them sell gurdwara sponsorship letters to unqualified people, so called raagis and preachers.

    How do we protect our sangat from such corrupt people who give the good khalistans a bad name? Many so called khalistanis are against the rehat maryada of Akal Takht. If they are not controlled, then they may form a government more corrupt that what is supposedly in the Indian government. I am again khalistan because there are too many clever greedy Sikhs, Indian origin Sikhs, but no government is perfect. Only God's kindom of His hukam is flawless. What can we do prevent such exploitation and fraud to bring about a worth khalistan headed by humble, worthy Gursikhs.
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  3. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    Dear Khalsa ji

    I agree with you
    1. Good khalistani and bad khalistani - as it has always been so as child and teenager I have seen all this game going on in Punjab in the after math of 1984 and these bad khalistani ultimately combined fake government sponsered khalistani were responsible for failure of the movement

    2 Lot of greedy sikhs - more so in india - I agree on this as well

    In india graet gift of Sikhism come to these greedy people at very cheap(sasta) cost maybe due to their good karams they are bormn in sikh family and they treat sikhi very cheaply forgetting the very very high cost paid by gursikh in the sikh history
    while in western world or even in india outside punjab people know better the price of sikhi as they they get sikhi as free gift jsut like Punjabis and I have seen many cases where people have to wait good part of life before they get the grace of sikhi and then they are so thnkfuland commited sikh as they know the real price of skhi so greed of money is less likely to mislead them

    when I talk about punjabi Sikh I include myself in it as I too ignored the sikhi for long time as it too came to me as free gift from my sikh parents

    Now what could be done to counter the problem well i dont have answer to be honest as long as khalsas( true sikhs) are out there Akal will devise a way for example some very good leader among the good sikhs take up the task or atleast make sangat look through fake grab of the bad sikhs just as you have been able to see them

    Jatinder Singh
  4. 21khalsa13

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    Jan 16, 2005
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    wherever good persons stand is holy ground and the manner of their lives is their religion

    Clinton lee Scott.

    this is the basis of khalistan should this principle.
    good people energising the environment, their lives by their very being.

    so khalistanis' could be following any path ie. christian, islam, hindu, buddhist.
    if their intend is pure and trust is absolute.
    khalistan - the land of the pure is already here.
    sikh's don't have a brith right to this land good people do.
    waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ke fateh.
  5. Amerikaur

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    Feb 20, 2005
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    Khalistani - one who has a desire for something earthly and temporary. Countries come and go. Borders rise and fall. Just like the lifecycle of our bodies, they can be born, grow, wither, and fall.

    The more attached we are to worldly things, the more separated we are from Waheguru. Gurbani has already instructed us to work hard and not beg, and also to care for others in need.
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