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Keeping My Hair


Nov 29, 2012
Hey everybody it's been many years since I've been thinking of keeping my hair ( head and beard). I was born in America while my brother and rest of the family were in Punjab. Everybody that was in India were sardar but when they came here they had cut their hair. I have always been Mona my whole life and thought about keeping my hair. I have never seen my family with their hair grown, but I was wondering if there are any taboos or any conterversy involved with growing my hair out. I was born cutting my hair I had never known to keep it even though I know many friends and other family that have kept it. I just wanted to know what others think about this and honestly I'm just going to read them haha I'm not gunna listen to anybody and take their opinion to heart. There are many reasons and things I have now gotten rid of in my life so it's my decision. I have never seen a thread any where on the Internet about somebody growing out their hair later in life. I'm not old by any means I'm 19, so yea I'd appreciate some discussion about it but once again it's just discussion I wanted to see .it is not a should I do this type question, just talk . Haha thanks don't want to sound rude tho


Dec 3, 2011
Re: Keeping my hair

The people that go from mona to khes are very small in numbers compared to ones that had khes, then cut it and then went back to khes!!

There are many within our community that go from mona to turban and try to grow their hair but mostly not for the right reason. Many of these men do it when they start going bald and losing hair, so they keep the turban as an option.
This is a reason but it is not the genuine right one.

Well, now you have come across your first person that has grown a khes for the right reason.-
I have only recently started a turban and am still trying to get in the swing.
I came to a point where I didn't want to cut my hair any longer so I just let it grow and grow.
It is now just about long enough to do a small jhura and ready for this new path.

I hadn't really planned this, because I just let it grow as I didn't want to cut it. So, even upto a few months ago I wasn't for definite decided on whether I would progress to a turban, as I felt that I may change my mind.
So I just let it come with time and feeling and then made the real move.

My advice woud be that if you feel like growing it, then go ahead. This way, even while it is growing you will have plenty of time to ask or reassure yourself if it is something you really want.

Brother Onam

Jul 11, 2012
Grow the hair, young brother. Sikh Panth is such a beautiful and blessed journey. Guru Gobind Singh set in place the standards of a child of Har Har; why would you want to do otherwise? By the way, I also grew up mainly in America, but one day you'll see that merging into mainstream american culture, lifestyle and values spells inevitable weakness and doom. To stand out in this crowd as a proud sardar is a most beautiful thing. All the way strong, young brother.

Inderjeet Kaur

Oct 13, 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA
AS10022 ji,

Yeah, when I was 19, I asked for everybody's opinoon and made it clear that it didn't really matter, this is my life and I don't need anyone's opinion . lol But it did matter, at least some.

By all means start keeping your hair. Everything else aside, the whole kesh thing is a vital part of the Sikh experience. You might find that you like it, you might find that you don't , but whatever else, you'll learn a lot about being a Sikh. And a lot about yourself just as a human being and a man.

Getting experience and beginning to learn who you are is what 19 is all about.

For the record, a Sikh man with beard and turban is one of the really impressive sites in our world.


May 21, 2010
I'm almost in the same boat like u jst that u are a guy and m a girl. M also by all means wanting to become a sikh but due to familial restrictions m taking it slowly, anyway about ur qstn there's another guy who is about 25 i know him personally he comes from a hindu/ punjabi family or mona family, he had been a mona until last year. He had started keeping his beard and hairs, did path sewa, everything and on this Gurpurab he turned into a sikh . He tied turban n i feel so proud of him coz i saw him grow from a mona to a Gursikh today.. So i would suggest u must go ahead with it.. M sure u'll enjoy this journey too :redturban: God bless u



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