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Controversial Kashmir Sikh Threaten To Migrate:GMGS


1947-2014 (Archived)
Kashmir Sikh threaten to migrate:GMGS

Kashmir Sikh threaten to migrate:GMGS | GroundReport

May 17 (Scoop News) -Various Sikh organisations under the banner of Guru Manyo Grant society (GMGS) have urged the state government led by the chief minister Omar Abdullah to take concrete steps to redress the genuine grievances of the Sikh population living in the state especially in the Kashmir valley.

Guru Manyo Grant society in a statement said that the Sikh community which had to face various hardships during the 21 years of turmoil in the Kashmir valley decided to stand with their Muslim brethren and did not opted to migrate to other parts of the country, but despite this the community remains a neglected lot.

]While the Kashmiri Pandits who migrated to other parts of the country were given various benefits including monthly relief, living accommodation and many employment packages, but nothing of the sort was done for the members of the Sikh community.

The meeting of various Sikh organisation held under the banner of Guru Manyo Granth society held at its offices in Jammu and Srinagar have demanded the state government to immediately take steps to restore the confidence in the miniature community living in the state, otherwise the community would be forced to take harsh decision which could include migration from the valley or launch of a sustained agitation.

Sikh should be given the status of minority in the state and should be entitled for all type of scholarships and other benefits attached with the status.

Sikhs also demand reservation in all the state and central government jobs, educational institutes and other such sectors.

A Sikh university on the pattern of Islamic university should be opened in the Kashmir valley and the department of Punjabi should be introduced in the Kashmir University

The Sikhs also draw this occasion to draw the attention of chief minister Omar Abdullah to fulfil the promises made by his father and the former chief minister Farooq Abdullah to give representation to the members of the community in the state cabinet.

The representation should be given to the Sikh leader with mass support in the community and not the rouge and criminal elements who claim to represent the Sikh community.

The Sikhs said that we are not against any community, but want a respectable life in the state and that our legitimate rights should be restored to us.

The meeting also condemned the inaction of the successive state and central governments to bring to justice the perpetrators of the killing of the 31 innocent Sikhs in Chithisinghpora ten years ago.

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