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UK Kachera Sales Opportunity ! Lol

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Friday August 20,2010
By Nathan Rao

OUTRAGED police officers are protesting at a ban on wearing sexy or revealing underwear while on duty.

West Midlands bobbies are under strict orders to turn up with "inconspicuous" underwear of an "appropriate colour" beneath their uniforms.

That means no more pink thongs for WPCs or tight trunks for PCs.

There are even rumours of spot checks to ensure the underwear code is being observed.

Staff working for the second biggest police force in the UK are furious and say they should be able to wear what they like under their uniforms.

One WPC said: "It’s ridiculous. They are basically telling us what underwear to wear to work. A couple of sergeants have jokingly been saying there would be spot checks. It’s totally outrageous."

A female constable said she was "horrified" at the thought of her underwear being inspected by her superiors.

"If I wear a pink thong I’m in trouble for exposing myself, but if I wear a nice sensible pair of knickers I’m going to get hauled up for exposing a VPL (visible panty line)," she said.

"I don’t know what they expect of me. I’d be better off going commando and not wearing any knickers at all.

"The same goes for male officers. They have been told they should not be showing their boxer shorts to the general public when they are on duty."

One PC criticised his bosses for treating officers "like children". He said: "Any chance they could run a course on tying shoelaces?"

A spokwsman for West Midlands Police said that it was important that officers "adopt a common- sense approach" to the type of underwear they put on before going on duty.

He added: "The ‘pant guidance’ is part of the force’s revised uniform, equipment and appearance policy."

Source: http://dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/194281/Police-banned-from-wearing-skimpy-underwear


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Mai Harinder Kaur

Oct 5, 2006
British Columbia, Canada
I once got into some minor trouble when I answered the question, "What do you like must about being a Sikh?" with "Kechera!" The Singhs dint understand, but the Kaurs certainly did. Western female undergarments are objects of torture. For you men out there, panties are full of elastic that either binds and chafes or won't stay up. Cotton is bearable, but those lace things are terribly itchy. And any fabric other than natural cotton or silk tends to cause infections. (Don't ask, guys, you don't wanna know.) I can only imagine what a thong would feel like. I would suggest the WPCs and PCs skip the undies entirely and go commando.

Kecheras are another thing entirely. They are so comfortable you can forget you're wearing them. I know I'm sounding a bit facetious, but I'm really quite serious. I do not make light of our kakkars (although in deference to Tejwant ji, I don't refer to our sacred kachera). The fact is they are a welcome and practical part of being a Sikh to me.

Note: I have been looking for an online pattern or diagram for how to cut them. The key is orienting the fabric correctly, so they don't gape open. If anyone can help, please post a link. The ones my dear mil sews and sends me from Amritsar are wonderful, but it would be great hand therapy and give me a lot of satisfaction to hand-stitch my own.
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