Kaashi---in Search Of Ganga

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    Ashdoc's favourite cinematic haunt---the mofussil towns of UP Bihar , and I was not going to miss a chance of seeing them again on celluloid .

    The movie begins with Devina ( Aishwarya Devan ) who is a journalist coming to the holy town of Benaras in UP to cover it , and striking a friendship with Kaashi Chaudhary ( Sharman Joshi ) . He is a small town guy and she is an urban sophisticate . She says that she does not mind the difference in their standard because she is lonely in life with no family and begins to hang out with him . He introduces her to his family and she quickly becomes part of their regular routine . One thing leads to another and soon she takes the lead in taking him to bed .

    But one day Devina comes to Kaashi and tells him that his sister Ganga is missing and they frantically search for her . The two meet Ganga's college principal and she says that no such student is in the college . But a girl says that she is Ganga's classmate and that Ganga was in love with the son of a prominent man and she got pregnant with his child . Ever since that she has gone missing .

    Kaashi's world turns upside down and he goes and threatens Balwant Pandey the man whose son allegedly made his sister pregnant . Soon Devina takes him to the police who ask him to identify a dead body which has clothes given by Devina to Ganga but has disfigured face . Kaashi believes that the body is of Ganga .

    Mad with rage , Kaashi searches for Balwant's son Abimanyu Pandey who he believes was responsible for the pregnancy and death of his beloved sister and murders him . But in the subsequent trial after the disposition of witnesses the judge comes to the conclusion that no such person as Ganga existed and Kaashi is a mentally disturbed person who lives in make believe world . But Kaashi believes that Balwant Pandey has bribed the judge and attacks and kills Pandey in court .

    So what is the truth ? And who is Devina after whose coming in his life all these things suddenly happened ? The answers are in the movie .

    The movie begins as a straightforward revenge thriller that later metamorphoses into a suspense whodunit , and turns interesting in the later part of the second half . Background music is good and songs are sentimental and pleasing to hear . Acting by everyone is appropriate . Colours are darkish however and photography is okay .

    The movie does show what I wanted to see---the life of Benaras with religious rituals on the banks of the holy Ganges with diyas lighted and prayers sung .

    Verdict---Okay .

    Two and a half stars out of five .

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