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Justice Vs Mercy

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by singhbj, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. singhbj

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    There was once a saint who had mediated on the name of Akaal Purakh for one hundred years. This saint used to eat very little and would hardly talk. Most of his time was spent mediating and reciting from different religious scriptures. After one hundred years Akaal Purakh appeared before the saint and asked him, ‘What do you want?’

    ‘I want justice for my prayers. I have mediated for one hundred years while sat on this stone’, replied the saint.

    Akaal Purakh then said, ‘The stone has had to bear your weight for one hundred years, now you should bear the weight of the stone for the next hundred years’.

    After Akaal Purakh said this the stone was placed on the saint’s head. The saint then began to beg Akaal Purakh sincerely for forgiveness. ‘You are my everything, I don’t want justice all I want is your mercy’. As soon as these words were uttered the stone disappeared.

    There is a difference between asking for "phall" and begging for "bakshish". "Phall" is where you are basically asking for a "payback" for whatever bhagti you think you've done. Bakshish is a blessing that Akal Purkh bestows on us, and it could be of any magnitude, it all depends on Akal Purakh how much we are considered fit for.

    We should do meditation with as much pyaar and shardha as possible. We shouldn't ask for justice, should request for WAHEGURU jeeo's mercy and support. We should renounce our ego, it is for our own good.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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  3. BhagatSingh

    BhagatSingh Canada
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    SPNer sikhiart.com

    Apr 25, 2006
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    Uh...... ya... after a hundred years Akal Purakh appeared before him... OK.
    I think we need to cut down on our daily intake of Hindu mythology. :yes:
    Anyways, let's keep reading.
    To "Akal Purakh",
    What if the saint was sitting on the ground? Would you put the whole earth on his head?
    Man, if the saint was a Sikh. He would be like Thank you!
    "tera bhana meetha lagey"
    So there is no point of asking for anything, since its like a lottery. We could get alot or we could get nothing...:yes:
    Do you really think if you don't ask waheguru for mercy and support, that he would not give it to you?
    I hope not...
  4. Archived_Member5

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    (previously jeetijohal, account deactivated at her

    Mar 14, 2006
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    Your tale is based upon the situation that a man felt despondent enough to revoke life and spent it sitting and meditating on Gods benevolence. The primary factor if flawed as therefore the ensuing logic.

    Virtue is indeed, its own reward. Diligent love and compassion bears fruit from ones fellow man, who are vessels of the great and Supreme Parmaatma.

    Sowing the seeds of love and humanity, kindness and akal in one’s own life and home reaps man rewards. Individual instances of the good suffering have a determining and negative factor rendering this flawless logic as defunct. Persons seeking to demand Gods attention are wrong in their belief that he is answerable to their whim and wile.

    The company of the good and virtuous saintly persons is a blessing and always sought and welcome. The peacemaker is a rare gem bringing wisdom and light to all blessed with his patronage. These good noble souls are rare in these times of spiritual darkness.
  5. faujasingh

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    Aug 18, 2009
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    Moral of the story I think is stop doing bania giri with Akaal Purakh. No business deals, do your karma and thats done !
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