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1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom "Justice" Rally Against Kamal Nath's Visit To The US (from Sikhs For Justice)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
:veryhappymunda:Sikhs JusticeMarch 30, 2010 at 8:25am

Kamal Nath, MP and Indian Union Minister for Transport led an armed mob that attacked and demolished Gurudwara Rakab Ganj, in Delhi burning several Sikhs alive in November 1984. According to attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor for Sikhs for Justice, a US based human rights advocacy group, Minister Kamal Nath will be visiting US in April 2010, and is a keynote speaker at various public gatherings sponsored by US India Business Council

Attorney Pannun stated that U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law which governs the entry of foreign nationals to the U.S. prohibits issuance of Visa and admission to U.S. of individuals with known history of human rights violations like Kamal Nath.

Sikhs for Justice with the support of various Gurdawaras and human rights organizations will file an official protest with Secretary U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Department of Homeland Security and will lobby to cancel Kamal Nath's visa to USA and to ban his entry for being human rights violator and killer of Sikhs.

Demand to oust and ban Kamal Nath's entry into US is covered under the US Law and is not unique. In the past Narendra Modi, sitting Chief Minister of Indian state of Gujarat who was involved in the killing of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 was twice refused visa and entry into U.S."

United States of America, its government, legislature and its people are very sensitive to the issue of human rights abuses and genocide. U.S. Congress has enacted laws that prevent the admission, entry and issuance of US Visa to the individuals who have in any way participated, incited or committed human rights violation or genocide. Section 212(a)(3)(E)(ii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act categorically provides that "any alien who ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in conduct outside the United States that would, if committed in the United States or by a United States national, be genocide as defined in section 1091(a) of the Title 18 of the US Code is inadmissible".

With the existence of such clear laws, it will be heartbreaking and disappointing if Kamal Nath one of the lead culprits named in the judicial inquiry report of Nanavati Commission is allowed to enter and visit the United States.

As Americans and Sikhs it is our duty to raise voice on this issue and bring it to the attention of our elected representatives and the international community. For this purpose, Sikhs For Justice with the support of Gurudwara Management Committees of the United States will hold "Justice Rally" against Kamal Nath's visit as per the following schedule:

04-06-2010;12:00 - 2:00 pm; Mayer Brown LLP, 1675 Broadway NY, NY
04-06-2010; 6:30 pm; Consulate General of India, 3 East 64th Street, NY, NY 10065
04-08-2010; 8:10 - 8:40 am; McGraw Hill Auditorium, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY

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