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Jus Punjabi TV Makes Strides, Getting Increasingly Popular


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Date Submitted: Fri Aug 06, 2010

NEW YORK – JUS Punjabi, the first American-Punjabi TV Channel, has made great strides and is getting increasingly more popular since its inception in January 2007. It abundantly caters to all the religious, cultural, spiritual, entertainment and social needs of the people, particularly Punjabis. It telecasts Aasa di Vaar Keertan by four eminent Raagi Jathas together for two and a half hours early in the morning, followed by Sukhmani Sahib Path (Psalm of Life). Daily talks and discussions on topical burning issues - economic, political, social, religious, cultural – with provision of seeking suggestions, ideas, opinion and views of the viewers - brings them closer to the anchors and becomes a part of the program. V.I.P. weekly interviews with eminent achievers and celebrities adds color to the popularity of the T.V. channel. Enough time is given to songs, dances, Bhangra and Giddha. The viewers are kept well informed with updated Punjabi news bulletins more than twice a day. Two week-end divine discourses by the late world - renowned Gurmat scholar and philosopher Giani Sant Singh Maskeen add to the knowledge and wisdom of the viewers. Twice at a week-end special program “Jithe Jaaye Bahai Mera Satguru” takes the viewers to prominent historic Gurdwaras while sitting in their drawing or bed room.

JUS Broadcasting Corporation, a leader in the South Asian Electronic Media market in North America, has between January 2007 and fall 2009 successfully launched two full-time premium channel; JUS Punjabi and JUS One, Television for the Mind, Body and Soul, in the U.S. market on several major platforms, including Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision 10 and Verizon FIOS TV. JUS Broadcasting is also laying the groundwork to introduce several other TV channels in 2010 and beyond.

Penny K. Sandhu, the President and CEO of JUS Punjabi LLC and JUS One Corp, is the architect and driving force behind the company and the channels. She has had a long and chequered career in the media industry, both in India and the United States. She was born and brought up in a Sikh family and retains strong family ties to her native state, Punjab and native country India. It was her long-held desire to establish an American Punjabi channel in the United States to reach out to the large and Vibrant Indo-Punjabi/Sikh community and give them a voice and exposure in their adopted country. Being Punjabi and Sikh herself, she brings her own unique perspective and understanding to serving the special programming needs of her community.

Following the successful launch of JUS Punjabi Television, she immediately conceived and launched a new spiritual channel JUS One, for the North American Market.

She is ably assisted by Karl Khandalavala, Senior Executive Vice President JUS Punjabi and JUS One Corp, who holds Master’s degree in Broadcasting/Journalism from Boston University and possesses two decades’ experience in the ethnic broadcast media industry in the U.S.

JUS Punjabi T.V. aims at disseminating and highlighting Gurbani, Gurmat, Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat through various enlightening programs. Rabinder Singh Bhamra, a senior, experienced, widely knowledgeable and deeply religious and spiritual person gives valuable guidance and advice on such matters.

JUS One, a spiritual channel featuring Hindi and English language programming is aimed at all age groups and all people who believe in the power of One.

The Channel is exclusively available on Dish Network. Targeting the South-Asian community in the U.S. and Canada, also appealing to other American/Canadian households.

JUS One-Television for your Mind, Body and Soul.

JUS One is a religious/spiritual Channel serving the unique programming needs of the Indian American/South Asian community in the United States. The programming covers a cross section of religions from India aimed at Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Indian Christians, Buddhists and also all viewers in general. The programming will be primarily in Hindi, English and other Indian languages.

It will also include daily religious hymns, discourses, prayers, educational segments, yoga, etc. The channel will feature daily “live” call-in programs on important issues affecting Indian Americans and South Asians in the U.S.


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