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Jio Pind


Nov 5, 2010
Sat Sri Akaal,

Jio : Forms Major Memory and preloaded operating system for all living operations, and active memory for loading present language, profession etc for eg every operation that is controlled by Nature Operations and Humans have little of play.

For Eg

As a baby all living knows how to get feed
Mothers milk after delivery etc

Pind : Our Senses and Body Actions

Memory which contains the operating system is given and controlled by default Natural System.

The survival instincts are Pre Loaded By Nature in all living Beings.

Tum Thakur Nature You are Owner
Tum Bhaye Ardass Its my request
Jio Pind Sab Teri Raas Memory Operating System and Body all survival belongs to you
Tum Mat Pitta Beyond biological birth. Nature as a parent, has role of survival all living beings
Haum Barak Terey All are your children

Tumree Kirpa With Your Blessing
Mein Sukh Ghanerey There is Positivity

Koi Na Jaaney Tumra ant No body knows your infinity and your end

uchey sey ucha bhagwant Those who call them as Higher/ or LORDS

Sagal Samagree Tumrey Sutar Dharee All cosmic is binded in thread by uniform cosmic laws

Tum Tey Hoi So Agyakaari With the understanding we understand to obey Laws of Nature.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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