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Arts/Society Jay Sean/ Kamaljeet Singh Hits Top Of U.S. Pop Charts


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Jay Sean/ Kamaljeet Singh Hits Top of U.S. Pop Chartsby SANDIP ROY, et al

You can`t keep a good song `Down` - or a record-breaking U.S. debut artist, for that matter.

Cash Money/Universal Republic UK newcomer, Sikh-Briton, Jay Sean - his real name is Kamaljeet Singh Jhooti - hits the #1 slot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for the second time in three weeks, reclaiming the top spot after originally scoring the peak position the first week of October, 2009.

In one fell swoop, he has knocked off Britney Spears from the # 1 spot, and ended the Black Eyed Peas' 26-week reign at the top of the US singles chart.

It`s the first time an artist has rebounded to #1 after slipping to a runner-up post since hip hop superstar T.I. did it 3 times in 2008. The mega-platform hit, which also features Cash Money Icon Lil Wayne, is the first single from Jay Sean`s upcoming U.S. debut album, All Or Nothing, which is scheduled to hit stores and online platforms on November 23.
Jay Sean will be also be making his U.S. television debut when he performs the smash song live on Ellen Degeneres` syndicated hit TV show Ellen on October 26.

Though he was born and brought up in London, Jay Sean/ Kamaljit Singh is as Punjabi as one gets. He's also the first artiste from the subcontinent to crack the No. 1 spot on Billboard. The track sold over 1.5 million downloads to get to the top.

"I hold the honour in very high regard," says the 28-year-old . "My grandfather could not get a job in England because of his background. He would have been amazed to see his grandson climb to the top of the charts."

In the US, Jay Sean says people don't quite know what to make of him. Some just assume he is Latino. "People talk to me in Spanish all the time," he says, with a laugh. "It's very new for people. It's very exciting."

He has just been on stage performing with big noise Justin Timberlake in front of 15,000 fans in Las Vegas. "The gig was called Justin and Friends," he says. "Justin chose his friends. It was incredible."

It's a long way from Southall, London. He started out as a 12-year-old , in a hip-hop duo with his cousin, giving performances at community functions. But his first taste of real success was when he teamed up with producer Rishi Rich. Their song Nachna Tere Naal hit the Top 20 in the UK and led to a record deal with Virgin. It also made him quit medical school. And yes, his parents were okay with it.

"I've been asked that six million times," he says. "My folks are very supportive. They knew I worked hard. And they know that I am a big dreamer." But doesn't he worry that without his trademark hip-hop Asian fusion sound, he will become just another slick R&B singer? On the contrary, he says. "Had I carried on with that sound, I would have sounded dated. That was so 2004." He wanted to write his own songs. "A gimmick doesn't last," he says. "A great song, on the other hand, is still amazing after 50 years."

The platinum-plus "Down," has fast become the debut single success story of 2009. The feel-good anthem reached the 1 million digital singles sales milestone after only 2 months of release, garnering the #1 position on the Rhythmic Crossover chart at the end of September.

The single song was also the Greatest Gainer at Rhythmic Radio (for over a month) and the Top 40 format. Jay Sean is also the first Cash Money artist to lock down the #1 post at Top 40 Radio Chart. The song also topped Canada`s Pop radio chart. "Down" has hovered in the Top 5 stratosphere of the ultra-competitive iTunes chart since it hit the digital domain, climbing to # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart in near-record time before claiming the top spot.

"Down" is also lighting up the video and online arenas, hitting the # 1 spot on the top urban/Hip Hop Countdown at Fuse in mid-September, and scoring as Top Ten video staple on VH`1`s popular Countdown show. The video has also become a YouTube phenomenon, snaring millions of views as it becomes one of 2009`s most popular clips.

The first UK artist to be signed by iconic hip hop imprint Cash Money, the savvy hitmaker, by way of London, already has two internationally acclaimed albums under his belt, a mantle-full of awards and several Top Ten hits plastered across the UK and other countries. Other songs on All Or Nothing include "Ride It," and "War," among others, and a host of featured guest such as Cash Money and Universal Republic labelmates Lil Wayne and Kevin Rudolf.

The humble performer has also been showered with his fair share of critical acclaim already, with recently noting how `Jay Sean`s success story has played out in fairytale fashion,` citing how `in a matter of months Jay Sean has been able to accomplish what many in music seldom do.`

Webzines and bloggers have also been clamouing for more details about Jay Sean`s second single, "Do You Remember," which features Jamaican rapper Sean Paul and hip hop icon Lil Jon.

And, look where Jay Sean is performing today: It's with famous television show host, Ellen DeGeneres! With the "Down" singer's career only going up towards more and more success, the acclaimed TV personality had to invite Jay Sean to her show, which happens to be known as the leader in U.S. daytime television.

Jay performs on the show today at 4pm EST! From President Barack Obama to actor Will Smith and soccer star David Beckham, Ellen has invited the ‘Who's Who' of show biz to be guests on her hit program. So it's quite an honour for the young R&B sensation to be included on her guest list as well.
[From various news reports, including from Billboard and Times of India]
October 26, 2009


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
AusDesi ji

I am glad that you got it. I still don't understand what this is. I understand why he is doing RandB. But why did he change his name? Maybe you could explain it in a different way. :eek:


Jul 18, 2009
Dharmashtere Australiashtre
AusDesi ji

I am glad that you got it. I still don't understand what this is. I understand why he is doing RandB. But why did he change his name? Maybe you could explain it in a different way. :eek:
I doubt he would get as big in the US if his stage name was Kamaljeet Singh Jhooti. Unlike Juggy D, Rishi Rich, Jay Sean was always aiming at a different market but it just didn't work in England as much as it did in US.

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