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Sikh News Jarnail Singh Sacked By The Hindi Daily - Dainik Jagaran


Scribe who flung shoe at Chidambaram Sacked
2 Jul 2009, 2006 hrs IST, PTI

NEW DELHI: Jarnail Singh, the Sikh journalist who created a stir by flinging a shoe at

home minister P Chidambaram, was on Thursday sacked by his employers.

Singh, who was a defence correspondent with a Hindi daily for nearly a decade, said his services with the newspaper were terminated following a show-cause notice issued about 4 months ago. "I have been victimised for raising a genuine issue concerning the 1984 anti-Sikh riots," he said.

The newspaper management confirmed that Singh's services were terminated after an internal inquiry.

Singh was attending a press conference of Chidambaram in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections on April 7 when he posed questions to the minister on the "clean chit" by CBI to Congress leader Jagdish Tytler, who is an accused in the anti-Sikh riots case following then prime minister Indira Gandhi's assassination.

Not satisfied with Chidambaram's reply, Singh flung his sneaker at the minister shocking everyone around.

The shoe failed to hit the Chidambaram but it set the Congress rethinking on giving tickets to Tytler and another leader Sajjan Kumar, whose name had also cropped up in the riots. The two were denied tickets to contest Lok Sabha elections.

Read Jarnail Singh Ji's Blog: Jarnail Singh


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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Re: Jarnail Singh sacked by the Hindu Daily

They probably wanted to give him the boot right away..but waited a while because of the HERO he became...sly :}8-::}8-::}8-:
Re: Jarnail Singh sacked by the Hindu Daily

waheguru ji a khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,
it is too late for them to sack our hero who did not want to be one.
it is very natural in this land of mera bharat mahan jithe sare beimaan.
manmohan singh
Re: Jarnail Singh sacked by the Hindu Daily

Aad ji, Guru fateh !!

I am not surpized to read this news of sacking. It was already expected. He is sacked but a lot difficulties shall be faced by Sikh journalists in future. I am not writing negatively but this picture was there the very first day when he hurled the shoe on Chidambaram.

I called Jarnail Singh on phone and insisted him to contest the election but he refused. The suitable reward to his Panthic duties could be by sending him in Parliament where he was needed more to answer those the enemies of Sikhs gathered there., but he totally refused.

The action taken may be the result of (yes it is) shoe flung but the role of owners of Dainik Jaagran is certainly doubtful. The best answer the Sikhs can give them is to boycott reading Jaagran. Sikh youths and leaders should demonstrate in Punjab and Delhi by burning the copies of Jagran daily.

Akal Takhat should intervene and order the Sikh leaders to unite as i see that Sikh Panth is being attacked more now from all sides than the only attack on Darbar sahab in 84.It is the high time to take a stern action against offenders by all possible means.
Certainly we can not have any hopes from Baadals.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.
Re: Jarnail Singh sacked by the Hindu Daily

kds ji,
The sacking was already expected since the incident of shoe was hurled.There will be more difficulties and humiliations on Sikh reporters in future.Though i appreciate the move and place this equal to the Bomb explosion in Punjab assembly by Bhagat singh and Batukeshwar datt. They too explode it in protest to Britishers to warn them against any discrimination.
I personally called Jarnail Singh and requested him to contest the Parliamentary elections but he refused. This could be the best reward to Jarnail Singh by sending him to Parliament where his services were needed more than as a journalist but he denied.
Sikh Panth is being attacked from inside and outside both which is more harmful then thae attack of 84 on Darbar Sahab , because now they are trying to divide and weaken it by their mailcious moves attcking to destroy the Sikh heritage and culture.
Guru fateh !!


1947-2014 (Archived)
Re: Jarnail Singh sacked by the Hindu Daily

Jarnail ji

What will your next step be? Are you planning any kind of public speaking engagements , advocacy, or activist appearances.


Re: Jarnail Singh sacked by the Hindu Daily

I got punished in two and half month. my PIB card of journalism seized and newspaper terminated my services. but culprits are roaming free. witnesses are dyeing one by one. by when justice will be done??
Jarnail Ji You have done a great job for sikh community. Please let me know if I could be of any help to you. Please when you answer leave your mobile no.
Best regards
Mohinder Singh Sahni
I appreciate you for your views. We are all ready to help in all the ways he needs.We, the Sikhs are oblizes by his examplary act of bravery. Though i believe this was a smart move of congress which fooled Sikhs again by high profile drama of Sajjan and tytler, nominating them for elections. Actually it was planned, if Sikhs protest, their nomination could be cancelled to get Sikh votes, If not they could. So the congress killed two birds with one arrow.
Veer Jarnail singh ji deserves all kind of help and moral with high spirit in this hour of need.I suggest him to contest the assembly election in Punjab. At least he will be able to raise the issue and question the authorities.
Guru fateh !!


1947-2014 (Archived)
Mai ji - Did Aman fix it already -- because when I tested the link it came out in the right location? He may have already fixed it. :thumbup:


Man that is sad. Fired for making a statement. However, whistle blowers all across the world are treated this way unfortunately. My advice keep doing what you are doing and be brave.

Plus wow I didn't know that Jarnail Singh ji was actually a member here. Pleased to having the chance to hear your side of the story sir.
GurFateh ji,

As in the time now, sikh community is attacked from all arround the offenders, various leaders who want to ignore & harm Sikhism they not miss any chance to attack at any time.. However that is Congress or BJP or any other leaders...
But I think the non sikh leaders are not so dangerous for community but the most is our own Sikh leaders who r selling,ignoring sikh values,principles. Whenever any outsider(leader,any called sant) has attacked sikhism our leaders, the main r BADALs who always help attackers. They always saved them.. He is not sikh, actually they are Masand & mahants ,to whom once Guru Gobind Singh ji was thrown in boiled oil.... and agains whom sikh community have to fight for a long time resulting Morcha Nanaksar,Jaitto etc...
Its eAge we can now spread our views by internet all the world ...So My all brother,sister, Well wishers of Sikh community.. come forward boycott Badals so that they should b thrown out of politics..... Favour All india Gurudwara Act to be applicable which will include members from All India and then control of Akali dal will be removed from Akal Takht. Only a Large Commitee of Sikhs from all over India will Control & Take care of Sikh Community...

Then we can expect our Sikhism to be developed and safe,when there will b a common organization for the control of Community....

If I am wrong in thinking Pls advise me & guide me...


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