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Japji Sahib - Pauri 32th


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Jee,

Through this post, I share with you what I have understood from the 32nd Pauri of Japji Sahib.

1. iek dU jIBO lK hoih lK hovih lK vIs ] ik doo jeebhou lakh hohi lakh hoveh lakh vees.

If one tongue becomes one-lakh tongues and this lakh tongues become twenty lakh tongues.

2. lKu lKu gyVw AwKIAih eyku nwmu jgdIs ] lakh lakh gayrhaa aakhee-ahi ayk naam jagdees.

Lakh and lakh times repeat the name of the ‘One’ who presides over the creation.

3. eyqu rwih piq pvVIAw cVIAY hoie iekIs ] ayt raahi pat pavrhee-aa charhee-ai ho-ay ikees.

Following this path, it takes one to the Husband (‘The Sat’), and by progressive evolution one merges with it.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib has used the word ‘Husband’, which means: the one who manages my affairs in a particular way; it means ‘The Sat’ who is the real doer. The word ‘husband’ has been used in the spiritual sense and not in the worldly sense. At spiritual level, this word applies both to men and women equally as it mean ‘The Sat’.

In the above three sentences, Guru Sahib has shown me the way that will lead me to my merger with ‘The Sat’.

The way is ‘Jaap’. Guru Sahib is telling me that even if I have multiple tongues with each one of the tongues I should do the ‘Jaap’, this way Guru Sahib has told me the intensity of ‘Jaap’ that is needed. This is the way to spiritual evolution, which ultimately results in merger with ‘The Sat’. Guru Sahib has removed all the complication of rituals and religious practices on my path towards ‘The Sat’.

4. suix glw Awkws kI kItw AweI rIs ] sun galaa aakaas kee keetaa aa-ee rees.

Listening the talk about Aaksas even the worm stared imitating.

5. nwnk ndrI pweIAY kUVI kUVY TIs ]32] naanak nadree paa-ee-ai koorhee koorhai thees. ||32||

O’Nanak, ‘The Sat’ is obtained only by grace of ‘The Sat’. The degenerated individuals create lots of falsehoods.

My understanding:

Having introduced me to the neat and clean path that can take me to ‘The Sat’, in the above two sentences, Guru Sahib has cautioned me. He tells me that listening about what is beyond us and what is beyond our existence, even the lowly individuals who have not evolved to a level to speak about it start imitating. Such people, create rituals and other methods through which, they say that, the God can be realised. Guru Sahib has already said in the earlier Pauris that we cannot bend ‘The Sat’ to comply with what we want. ‘The Sat’ is totally independent – we cannot make ‘The sat’ bend through rituals and other religious practices. Only when ‘The Sat’ wishes the individual will be graced and accepted by ‘The Sat’. In other words Guru Sahib has told me that rituals and other religious practices have no mean to ‘The Sat’, they are the creation of spiritually inadequate individuals.

Summary of my understanding of this Pauri:

Intensive ‘Jaap’ is the way to ‘The Sat’. Rituals and other religious practices have no meaning for ‘The Sat’.

With this I close.

With love and respect for all.



Nov 5, 2010
Sar Sri Akaal,

ONE cell manifest to body organs, evolution and reproduction makes many forms. Each forms has same cell.

That ONE awareness and expression of awareness by lacs of human forms, are throught awareness of ONE initiating energy only. Pause

There are inner researchers, who have expressed, and realised Energy as root of all creation, and next level is who read, write, speek and listen the awareness and start following the path.

Without realising the invisible world awareness expressed in Word form as original TRUTH, by way of subjective awareness, they start professing and preaching. Brahmans and present day Sikh preachers they become professors and missionary heads by way of political links And propagate false.

They preach there own Mind set and make Nirankaris, Namdharis, Neeldharis, sehajdharis etc and divide the community.
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