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Jap Step 29


Nov 5, 2010
Sat Sri Akaal,

Bhugat Gyan Experiential Awareness forms knowledge.

Daya Bhandaran Nature has blessed in abundance

Ghat Ghat vajey Naad It is available in each One

Aap Naath Attached to all as intuitive awareness

Naathi Sab Ja Key And awreness is attached and available to every ONE

Ridh Sidh Awara Sadh Those who attain education, research and practiced (have arrogance of gained intellact or virtual wealth)

Sanjog Collective Conciousness Connect or intuitive Connect

Viyog Disconnect from Inutive Learning

Dohe Kar Are two ways of Operatives

Lekhey Avey Bhag Operative one follows that forms Destiny and is Destined

Adas Tisey Ades Nature is instructing But those who follow. And gets on path.

Aad Since Origin or Inception
Aneel Many of Aneel
Anahad Infinite

Form is same...

To experience the excellence of Nature. Humans are evolved beings. So carry awareness of all the previous forms Question Can human formed GPS be at par with navigating skill of dolphin, or vision of an eagle

Stay Connected...

External.researches keeps on evolving as 1st version 2nd version 8 th version etc. But life operative is ONE and same always through many lives we lived. CONNECT TO ONE never ever changing operative.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

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