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    Sat Sri Akaal,

    38 steps of JAP BANI evokes self awareness of own mind and gives step learning how to experience learning by listening.
    Step 1 makes us connect to source for initiation which is UNIVERSAL truth beyond times.
    Step 2 is connecting to source and cleaning of stored mind information to evoke listening.
    Listening is termed as complete when one listen through ears, store information in mind and Mind generate feeling of subject listened.
    If step 1 and 2 are followed which are commands from true nature, one understands EGO and null it.

    Step 3 Those who understands EGO sing praises of Truth Nature and its Power

    Those who accepts Law of Nature (HUKAM) come out of man made rituals and are carefree of consequences of man made laws.

    There is no external Prabhu, there is Mind Nature. and Universal Truth to follow.

    Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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