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India Jalandhar: Weapons Recovered From SGPC Member's House

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Jalandhar: Weapons recovered from SGPC member's house

By Anil Dogra - Sunday, September, 23 2012 - 21:46


JALANDHAR: The police here seized weapons and digital goods including high security cameras and bullet proof jackets and other sophisticated material from the house of Kulbir Singh Bara Pind arrested by the police under the Explosives Act in a case registered at Goraya on September 21 and was taken on police remand.

Bara Pind is an SGPC member and is alleged to have links with terrorist outfit Khalistan Commando Force.

DIG Jalandhar range Lok Nath Angra said today that during interrogation Kulbir Singh disclosed astonishing revelations and in the follow up action the police seized several items which include, one mouser/pistol 30 nore, 6 live cartridges, one air gun, weapon cleaning material, one security camera (sealed), two night vision binoculars, three laptops, one video camera, one digital camera, two walky-talky sets, seditious literature, two bullet proof jackets and one beacon light.

It is pertinent to mention here that the search and seizure operation were video-graphed on the spot.

During the investigation it has come to light that China made mouser pistol 30 bore and 6 cartridges which was recovered from Kulbir Singh was a part of consignment recovered by Nawanshahr Police in the month of May.

In this regard an FIR under the Explosive Act was registered in P.S Sadar Banga, Nawanshahr.

It has come to light during investigation that Sandeep Singh had gone to Pakistan. His association with Gurnek Singh @ Neka and Kulbir Singh Bara Pind has been established and is also a known fact.

Another accused of the case Sukhwinder Singh was having close association with Kulbir Singh and used to stay in his house. All the accused have criminal background and remained involved in criminal activities.

During the follow up, Surinder Singh of Thikriwal, Barnala, has been arrested by Barnala Police. A .315 bore country made pistol and cartridges were recovered by the Barnala Police.

An FIR was registered by Barnala police.

Surinder Singh looked after the personal security of Kulbir Singh Bara Pind. Surinder Singh is on police remand. The fact that he has gone to Pakistan for training is also being verified.

Kulbir Singh has regular contacts on Facebook and internet with the pro-Khalistan elements. It is important to mention here that his e-mail account got deleted by some contacts in Australia when he was arrested.

During investigation it has come to light that Kulbir Singh Bara Pind used to get funding from foreign countries. Further investigation in the case is on.

source: http://www.punjabnewsline.com/news/...-digital-goods-from-SGPC-member__s-house.html


Dec 29, 2011
How can anyone trust any of this? There track record speaks for itself, does it not?? Look who is in charge of the polce:singhsippingcoffee:

This is funny "It is pertinent to mention here that the search and seizure operation were video-graphed on the spot." How does anyone this is not a setup? They have certainly have a good track record of doing this. They are fake in every way possible.

The Punjab Police are good for nothing. Only there torture and terrorise the general public. They are not cable of collecting evidence so they resort to torturing people. Any decent person, with any morales or integrity, should not and will not join the Punjab Police. It is a shame that they wear a turban, they have no right to. They do not deserve to.

They should be taken to an island and left to natures elements. They are shame to human kind. No human with the right mind do what they do. They literately earn their money by squeezing the blood out of innocent people.
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