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Ja Ki Preet Gobind Sio Laagi

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    gauVI mhlw 5 ]
    jw kw mIqu swjnu hY smIAw ]
    iqsu jn kau khu kw kI kmIAw ]1]
    jw kI pRIiq goibMd isau lwgI ]
    dUKu drdu BRmu qw kw BwgI ]1] rhwau ]
    jw kau rsu hir rsu hY AwieE ]
    so An rs nwhI lptwieE ]2]
    jw kw kihAw drgh clY ]
    so iks kau ndir lY AwvY qlY ]3]
    jw kw sBu ikCu qw kw hoie ]
    nwnk qw kau sdw suKu hoie ]4]33]102]

    Gauree, Fifth Mehl:
    Those who have the Lord as their Friend and Companion
    - tell me, what else do they need? ||1||
    Those who are in love with the Lord of the Universe
    - pain, suffering and doubt run away from them. ||1||Pause||
    Those who have enjoyed the flavor of the Lord's sublime essence
    are not attracted to any other pleasures. ||2||
    Those whose speech is accepted in the Court of the Lord
    - what do they care about anything else? ||3||
    Those who belong to the One, unto whom all things belong
    - O Nanak, they find a lasting peace. ||4||33||102||
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  3. gurvinder_janu

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    Jun 3, 2007
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    #2 gurvinder_janu, Feb 6, 2008
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2008
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