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Legal ISC - Constitutional Ammendment


Dec 14, 2005
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!


Education and ideology of civilian rights are half-baked in civilised countries, Sikhs needed to make more of an effort in reforming constitutional rights of civilians whatever their creed, of protecting the right to self-determination of all civilians. The ISC needed a constitution that did not reflect the status of guru panth but the reason why guru panth was created, the constitution that was drawn up should have been to protect civilians or empower individuals to defend themselves OTHERWISE WE ARE NOT LIVING OUT THE GURU PANTH JUST REPRESENTING IT AND THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF GURU PANTH THERE WILL ALWAYS BE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL THREATS. It should be about targeting countries that have a bad humans rights records and working with leaders of different countries to reform them and give humans back their rightful status as free people. We should make the state recognise and acknowledge the sovereignty of all human beings. Because we are the shining example that countries and boundaries mean squat because it is man who is free this freedom cannot be denied to man, governments and groups of people just refuse to recognise the sovereignty of man.

In Sikh history we see that there has been a strong martial record, I want to discuss the strategy, and I am bound to make mistakes in my objective interpretation so forgive me, that has been deployed in such war encounters. It seems to me that throughout history communities have tried to rule territories and construct laws on people. However, the Sikhs have allowed for these communities to initially form ie, no pre-emptive removal. Why is this? My personal opinion of this is a religios-military strategy which seeks to falsify any notion of rule by majority, religion or ideology by allowing the rulers to make potential targets of themselves first (revolution). There was never any attempt to prevent the influence or infiltration of the tyrants into mainstream society, it is as if everyone took a backseat and when and as the tyrants kept misusing there authority to carry out atrocities then the Sikhs attacked and removed such powers (justification).

Now today the problems are not the same a new problem arises, we have a communal disturbance. An invisible entity within a country and a fight (terrorism) from within the boundaries of a country. In this instance we don’t have a target: should we allow the evil ones to take power first so that a target becomes more visible? In terms of victory?, unless the communal invisible entity would like to remain invisible then the community can never have power because their militant tactics contradict their purpose, ie they themselves take a replaceable position because they become more visible and a potential target when forming a government.

If the invisible entity wishes to remain invisible then is that ok because ultimately they do not want territorial rule but they do want the powers-that-be to be removed. Now we as Sikhs don’t wish to rule over others because sovereignty of man was given to Khalsa by god therefore boundaries cannot defy this. If a communal entity (not governmental) has a problem with the sovereign aspect of a body of human beings which have no land authority then is civil war justified as a means of declaring your sovereign status? What I am trying to ask is what does our religion call those people who have a problem with man being self-governing? – are they the definition of evil?

I seriously believe that the constitution of ISC is way out of touch with what guru panth should be doing its not about educating people about how great we are its about giving assistance to the downtrodden and letting them live in the same glory as us, the guru never advertised the panth which is what the cuurent draft is focussed on we don’t need converts, but he commanded authority for all. Guru-ka-golak could be best spent on this endeavour. We can afford to do this fight on behalf of humanity because unlike other nations we have no selfish motives our people are not land-locked and boundaries do not suppress our free-spirit, like a lotus flower, all people should bloom like the lotus-flower regardless of their roots in the drowning sea.

Inderjit Singh Dhillon

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