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Is There Solution To Kirpan Battle?

Sep 20, 2004
I have been getting all kind of info on this subject of Kirpan for a while.

What I see is that in general Sikhs want to avoid the facts.
They think by using Sikh faith they can hide the reality.

What we don't realize that the opposite party have all the facts and they decide on that basis.

Sikhs should present their case. They bring out the facts and then explain their point of view. Sikhs are 25 million and have practically no voice in international affairs; whereas, jews and buddhists fewer in number are lot more known at international scene.

Now coming to Kirpan. We all know that, may be only 5 % (my percentage may be little off) of the Sikhs really wear Kirpan. All of my friends do not wear Kirpan and they have never done in their life. Sikhs should be first one to say these facts. Then say it is a article of faith or symbol for small population so it should not cause any problem.

Next we should bring it out that it can be used as weapon.
The rest of the world knows that Kirpan has been used as a weapon even in our religious places called Gurdwaras.
Now Sikhs should have a different way to put forward their position.

It should be that it is of very small length may be 1 to 2 inches. Blades will be very dull (may be plastic). It will be kept in a sealed sheath and never to be taken out. Thus it will not be used as a weapon. If some one takes out, then it will be against the law. Thus it is only to be used as a symbol or faith. We will have a better chance to convince the International community. We are living in an age where killing is going on every where. Who is right or wrong is not the point for discussion in this situation.

I think people should give other suggestions keeping into view that the International community has to be satisfied.
Countries are changing laws to protect people. Look at what is going on in International travel by air. These are going to come in our day to day living.

Thus we Sikhs should adjust to the present situation as it exists today. These are just few opinions and let others give their point of view.

However, Originally, Kirpan was a weapon. If it is to be maintained for its original function then one has to get a licence to wear this weapon.

If we compromise kirpan as 1 inch or so symbol and ignore the original purpose, then how about compromising rest of the 5Ks.

[Excerts from another sikh discussion forum]

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