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Is There Sill A Glimmer Of Hope For Our Great Nation? An Article On The Struggles


Jan 17, 2008
Is there sill a glimmer of hope for our great nation?
By Sunveer Singh
The Sikh nation, once the greatest people on earth, but have we fallen into ruin? Ask yourself do you know of the great Sikhs of our past? The martyrs that lost there today so that you could live free in your tomorrow? Are you a Sikh in a modern society that cuts their hair so easily without thought, yet your ancestors would have rather had there scalps removed then had it cut? Do you support your local Gurdwara? Do you support your brothers and sisters in Punjab, when you know of the great injustice that is happening this very day? If the answer is no, ask yourself are you a true Sikh? As a true Sikh would do all of these things, they would be the best that they could be and they would use the word of Guru Ji and the teachings of the Khalsa Panth to help our religion to help our faith and let it grow stronger. Do you drink alcohol with great pleasure, yet you know that our Guru Ji’s told us of the evils that it could cause? Do you wear your golden Khanda earrings and necklace bags, caps saying you “rep” your religion and you would die for it, when five minutes later you’re drinking alcohol and then cutting your hair? If the answer is yes, ask yourself are you a true Sikh? As a true Sikh would not do all of these things, they would be the best that they could be and they would use the word of Guru Ji and the teachings of the Khalsa Panth to help our religion to help our faith and let it grow stronger. They would learn from their mistakes.
Why have we forsaken the ways of our fore-fathers they way of loyalty, pride, freedom, courage, bravery, the name of Singh and Kaur is falling, so as the Sikh youth the message is, stand up bring back the name of Singh and Kaur, bring back the spirit of those that have gone before us. There are many problems with our nation, too many cults have arisen from the dark, to many fakesters, and the youth don’t seem to care. Let the story of the Sikh nation be told.
From the day I have been born I have been taught to respect my elders and my faith, it’s my way of life, Sikhism has always been close to my family so why is it that me and my two brothers had cut hair? Why that when I was of a young age I was told to put a picture up of a man that had Sikh appearance, un-cut hair, un-cut beard and phag, yet this was no Guru or Sikh Sant but the “living Guru” of the RadhaSwami cult, my family, my very own family were the people that were killing our faith stupid cults like, RadhaSwami, Narmthari, Nirankari and Dera Saucha Sada, cults that have Sikh appearance yet follow Hindu ways of Idol worship. I’m 16, only now that it is, I have grown my hair, I have it covered I read the Bani’s of our Gurus, I have woken up, my faith is in danger, but the people closest to me, have they become the enemy? Why have these cults poisoned the mind of our people? Telling us to follow the Hindu belief system, the caste system even when Guru Nanak told us we are all equal, fake Baba’s using Sikhi to make money, using it for personal goals. I ask also, why are these cults ultimately trying to terminate the Sikh faith being funded by the Indian Government, but why is the Harminder Sahib (Golden Temple) and the Akaal Thakt the head of the Sikh Faith protecting it roots, being refused its funding? Our people are being brain washed by these cults, how can a cult have a “living Guru” when Guru Gobind Singh Ji told us that there will be no living man after me that you call Guru, the Guruship of eternity has been placed on the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, so why do people still believe in the cult, when they know its goes against the ways of our faith and out true leader Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji?

Why has there been no inquest into the 1984 anti-Sikh riots after the assassination of Indira Ghandi, and prior to that in Operation Blue Star, why were the government allowed to take tanks to our holiest shrine, why were all the media to other countries kicked out of Punjab during this event, and why was Amnesty International banned? Why do racist Hindu radical groups like the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh (RSS) and Shiv Sena roam free in India, United Kingdom and many other countries of the world, yet these groups initiated violence in 1984 they killed the innocent people of our nation, they support these cults, as they know that if the cult survives, the strength of Sikhi will weaken. Why were Babbar Khalsa, International Sikh Youth Federation, Khalistan Zindabad Force and many others banned straight away? Why were the BJP allows to get into power in Gujarat, this is like the BNP getting power in England, do the government not care about us? Why do some Sikhs carry on supporting these cults like it’s the right thing to do? Why are drugs being pumped into Punjab, why is alcohol being pumped into Punjab, why are the youth giving up?
The Sikh population in the United Kingdom is a big one, yet if there were 100 Sikh boys in a room, why would there only be 30 people that uncut hair? If there was a room with 100 Sikh girls why would there be 5 that had uncut hair? Why is fashion more important than the word of Guru Ji? Why does the Sikh nation wear the Khanda tops, chains, and earrings yet they can’t even keep their hair? Why is the identity of the Sikh Nation being ruined by idiots, I tell you now you cant “rep” the faith of Sikhi if you cut your hair, your beard, drink alcohol, take drugs if you do all of these things how are you a true Sikh and how do you love your religion when you done even follow its basic principals.
The greatest comforts and lasting peace are obtained, when one eradicates selfishness from within.”Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
So you as the Sikh youth are you going to let our religion fall into ruin, let it fall into the history books, let its grace, courage and bravery be forgotten? Let the radical groups and the cults win, let them achieve their goal of killing our great faith and our nation? Are you going to carry on following the Hindu belief system of “caste”, are you going to carry on drinking alcohol, and cutting your hair? Are you going to carry on supporting your personal needs?
Or are you going to say NO, I support my faith, I want its spirit to endure, I want to keep the sanctity of the great Sikh Identity. I am going to do all I can to stop the cults, stop this caste system, stop my old ways and become a true Sikh. When I pass on I want to see Guru Ji.
The youth, there is more to life then looking good, and getting the girls/boys keep your hair, keep your religion alive, fight the oppression that is being put upon our people, fight the racists and the radicals, Sikhi is not Hinduism it is not a Hindu Sect, it’s a separate religion. Are you going to be the one that helps the Sikhs to freedom, to a free state? To lift the oppression so we can live freely wherever that may be?

Ask yourself are you a true Sikh?

Sunveer Singh
Aged 16
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