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Is There Really A Terrorist Cell In Malaysia?

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
Recently, we have been hearing about a so called existence of Sikh terrorist cell based in Malaysia.This is an unsupported allegation by a corrupted and unprofessional police man from Patiala remains unsupported and without evidence to this day, since it was made over a month ago.

Why suddenly Malaysia , out of the blue, after 26 years of Operation blue star?No Sikh from Malaysia has been a member of the Sikh movement in India.Neither over the years any Sikh Malaysian has been found to be involved in it.

Is there really a terrorist outfit based in Malaysia?I very much doubt that any Sikh Malaysian would support such outfit in Malaysia.As a Malaysian born Sikh and citizen of the country,I say it is a 'load of rubbish' claim by the Indian police.Where did this silly so called "police officer" get his information from and where are the facts?Simply,verbalising loads of overflow is not a fact by itself, but perhap inconsequential diarrhoea.

I believe this was simply an attempt to malign the contented Sikh community of Malaysia, and create an atmosphere for them where their fellow Malaysian neighbours would look upon them with suspicion.

I can almost gurantee 100% that this allegation is based upon two possible issues.The first is some Sikh from Seremban, Malaysia may have visited Patiala in recent past; and not entertained to offer some sort of bribe to this individual "police officer"and hence he is sour and dragging in of all places a small town like Seremban.

The other possiblity could be a relative of his may have denied him possible advantage from ancestral family lands, so he is bitter!He now wants to extract some form of retribution.

No sane Sikh in Malaysia would support any terrorist activity nor house any terrorists of any persuasion.Sikhs in Malaysia have an unparalled
record of loyalty and commitment to their country-Malaysia.

We may be and are genuinely concerned about the abuse of human rights anywhere in the world, including the Punjab based upon the principles of Sarbat Da Bhalla.Towards that we will voice freely and peacefully to convince the rest of the world of those abuses upon humanity, as the constitutiion of Malaysia gives the freedom to do so and encourages respect for all human beings.

I condemn and refute any such claims to malign the Sikh Malaysians by such 'mooh chatt' police "officers of another country.I would suggest he comes clean and provides evidence to support his claims to our government and police.Failing that he and his government should apologise to the Sikh Community of Malaysia.

In 1984, the issues in the Punjab turned very violent quickly and affected Sikhs throughout the world,some strongly and others lesser, but painfully nevertheless.But as Sikhs many of us, Malaysians understood the high handed tactics of the Indian state in suppressing the Sikhs and the resultant responses of the Sikh communities in many parts of the world.

The Malaysian Sikh response, was different.Although,Sikh Malaysians were in no less pain by the destruction heaved upon the house of GOD, we responded within the parameters of our Malaysian culture and legal framework.It was matured,organised and diplomatic.

But that did not stop some pro indira subversive elements and miscreants from attempted attacks upon the community, Gurduaras and other interests.Amazingly, these same pro indian subversive elements, by the time of the death of Rajiv Gandhi had done a 45 degree turnabout, and held India responsible for atrocities upon fellow Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Against such attacks, the the Sikh Malaysian response was measured, organised and with Malaysian government support defended their properties, Gurduaras and rights peacefully and legally.Many among he subversive pro indira elements who cried out for their amma [mother] Gandhi; were arrested and some threatened with deportation back to India, silenced the issue.

The Sikhs got on in their country along peacefully with fellow Malaysians and as the nature of Malaysians is led their lives peacefully concerned primararily with the advance and development iof their own community and the country and fellow citizens.

From time to time, some low key Jormelas and Akhand paaths were organised to rememeber and recall fellow Sikh shahids and all those humans who died for the welfare of humanity in history and recent times.

This is very much in line with the Constitution of Malaysia that the humans rights of others are respected and called for through peaceful means and respect for all religions is maintained.

Sikhs in Malaysia have a very proud record that no Sikh Malaysian was
involved nor has ever been involved in any terrorist activity in Malaysia
against Malaysia or against a foreign country.Neither there is a possibility of such potential and culture among the Sikh Malaysians.A Sikh is seen as the defender and protector of a civil and just society and freedom in
Malaysia.A turbanned Sikh is seen as a mark of respect authority and trust ordinarily in Malaysia, at least that has been my experience.

But, the news in the last few days is very troubling and unsettling. Slurs by the indian propogandist machinary have been thrown at not only our country but clearly at the Malaysian Sikh society by unsupported and irresponsible suggestions that Sikh Malaysians could provide mature pastures for terrorists.This is not only baseless Indian propoganda but a very clear attempt to drag Sikhs of malaysia into disrepute.

A base cannot operate without wider support.Three to four people do NOT
form a complete base.It is possible that there are some among the immigrant 50,000- 60,000 Punjabi Sikh workers in Malaysia who may have escaped the inhuman tortures of the Indian and Punjab police and taken refuge in Malaysia.

As Malaysians we would not begrudge such , as long as they do not
preach violence or engage in subversive activities.No Malaysian Sikh would
tolerate violence or support any terrorist activity in our homeland.Of course some people who may be deemed as not good citizens in others eyes may have also passed through
the country.

But Sikh Malaysians and other Malaysians cannot be carried away by the irresponsible claims of a foreign police force who has been notoriusly known to use inhuman tortourous methods to extract confessions and also is corrupted to its bone.We must look at the issue closely.

Since, 1984, NO malaysian Sikh has been involved in the problems of the
Indians.26 long years have passed, so why should any Malaysian want to get involved now?This looks more like of the indian government's attempt to humiliate and disrepute Sikhs, as they have continually done to the Sikhs of Canada, UK and USA.

It is said, that the Indian PM Manmohan Singh is due to visit Malaysia in
the near future.As a result, the ever sincere and hospitable Sikh community of Malaysia desired to honour the man by inviting him to visit their largest Gurduara, Tatt Khalsa in Kuala lumpur during his stay in Malaysia.

I believe the Indian propoganda machinary may not have been happy that PM may get close to the Sikhs and has spread the rumours of an "existence of a terrorist base in Malaysia".

First, it claimed the base is in Seremban, a relatively small town about 50 KMs south of the capital, then it claimed they are active in the Klang valley.Funnily, it claims the names etc, but has to date still NOT provided the Malaysian police ANY concrete evidence.

It is posssible some Daljit Singh or Kartar Singh and
other people with similar names as is common among Sikhs live in Malaysia,
but names simply do not make terrorists.

Some of these names may have come from other countries like Thailand, Singapore and passed through Malaysia .That itself is no evidence that these people were involved in any criminality.

I asserted earlier that it is possible the police man from Patiala may be trying to settle his own personal grudges against someone from Malaysia or a Sikh resident from Seremban, is a factor I would still NOT rule out, knowing the evil and unpofessional mentality of the bribe prone Punjab police.

I would like to call upon the Sikh Malaysians, to not go way out to invite
the Indian PM to our Gurduaras.We would not be rewarded for doing such.Just planning to invite him has resulted in slurs against the loyal community, by the Indian propoganda machinary.Let us not allow to humiliate the community in Malaysia any further.

He is not our PM, but that of another country.If he choses to come on his
own to any Gurduara, be civil and hospitable as one would be to another
Sikh.But do not go way out, as they will use this opportunity to raise
suspicion upon our unreserved loyalty to our own country by accusing us of providing pastures for their own mismanagement of issues and abuse of human rights in their land.

I condemn the Indian authorities for spreading such false propoganda without any evidence and bringing the Sikh Malaysian community into disrepute, when the Indians have failed to address their own issues in their country.

They, in fact should apologise to the Sikh Malaysian community for making such baseless claims, and linking us to their own problems.

Gurcharan Singh, Kulim
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