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Is Sikh Philosophy Dot Net On Sale?


Jul 18, 2004
Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal!
Dear all!

I found some serious changes at the Sikh Philosophy dot net forum. Some people seem to have purchased responsible and authoritative work as moderator in exchange of donations. A big donation hologram appears along with their names on every post. They are now entitled to distribute titles to the participants. I want to know the list of titles they have earned in their futile life.

I wish Sikh Philosophy to get more popular through constructive forums on Internet too. For that a sincere and dedicated approach is important.


Balbir Singh


Jun 1, 2004
Respected Balbir Singh ji,

You said:
Some people seem to have purchased responsible and authoritative work as moderator in exchange of donations.

The donations hologram apprears for everybody who has donated to SPN from time to time during the last three years of its working. You can view list of all donors by simply going to following link, which is always available for public viewing.

here --> http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/alldonors.php

As a matter of fact we are on the look out for volunteers for joining our moderating team and help us sustain the quality of content on SPN. The hologram is just to encourage members to consider donating to the network for sustaining in the long run.

Our donation page says:

SPN is an voluntary effort of a few individuals. The running costs of the network run more than $1,000 annually, which includes website hosting, domain and new softwares purchases and upgradations to enhance your experience, from time to time... To coverup some of our operating costs, you can donate to the network to be able to sustain in the long run. Every little bit counts, so donate generously.

I hope your apprehenstions are removed with this message. :)

Warm Regards


Sep 16, 2004
Respected Balbir Singh ji

SPN is kind of evolving Forum and basically rum on volunteers efforts in many ways

Many new faces are always welcomed here and they do contribute in form of moderators and members

Everybody new here takes time to settle down so i hop=e this is what is hap=p=ening

I hope you dont misunderstand

I hop=e everybody is here to learn and have no hard feeling for anybody in p=articular

Jatinder Singh/
Jul 13, 2004
SPN forum is not on sale. It is not like - Pay money and become a moderator. The very thought came to your mind sounds funny to me.

I started visiting SPN 3 years ago. Reading different articles and participating in discussions here became a passion for me. So much, that I wanted to reply each and every post on this forum. I guess, looking at my vigor, Site admin Aman veer was kind enough to ask me if I would act as a moderator. This was something new role to me, anyway I jumped in. Kept on participating more and more. Then came another facet... when I came to know that Aman is maintaining this site from his own pocket. You may laugh, but for me, taking out $5 per month for SPN was a big deal for me! Not that I spend money for other things. Thus the finance part came up.

Many members have donated generously, due to whom this site is running. Regarding moderators, they are chosen after initial discussion within existing moderators, and they have taken double responsibility - 1. to monitor SPN discussions 2. (optional) donate as pocket allows. In response to this trivial contribution, what do we get? - we get the immense knowledge flow from our learned members who spare their time and efforts to share their original writings, original thoughts.

Thanks for bringing up this though. If anyone has any more question regarding this, we welcome those. And it is good that it is sticky post, so will always appear in top.

With Regards,
Arvind Pal Singh.



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