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Is Langer Helping Anyone In The Western World


Sep 16, 2010
Everytime i have been in a gurdwara i see that it is only our people eating not any white/black or someone poor who really needs it. The Granthis and Gianis dont go out into the community and tell people we feed the poor. My question is whats the purpose of Langer if its only a snack time for us and not of helping people out im talking mostly of the western countries.


Apr 24, 2006
It's not helping anyone in that sense. Maybe a little bit... moms don't have to cook a meal, dads get some time away from nagging :D... I think... Otherwise, it's just a ritual nowadays. The purpose is in doing the ritual itself. Helping others while you're at it is an added bonus.

Why are religious rituals important?
To get you moving and involved with that which is sacred (Sikhism, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Gurudwara, etc) with your whole body and mind. Langar does exactly this. All parts of it involve your body and mind, the eating, serving, washing dishes, preparing food, etc in the presence of SGGS. Furthermore, it connects you to a community of people who follow the same tradition as you, and who have the same goals as you.


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
Dec 21, 2010
SikhGiani ji thanks for your post. One comment,
My question is whats the purpose of Langer if its only a snack time for us and not of helping people out im talking mostly of the western countries.

What is wrong with sitting together with people you may not normally sit together with in external settings and have a shared meal? Sikhs are allowed to eat, talk and be happy. They don't need to feel guilty for not doing something for someone else all the time. I am not trying to demean the sewa part but this incessant guilt about everything normal is not very uplifting or necessary.

Let it be a place of happiness and fun so it attracts the younger generation to find and encourage association.
Sat Sri Akal.


Mar 30, 2011
All are welcome for Langar , but If they don´t take the oppurtunity to come , we can´t do much about it. And if the "Prabandaks" and "Sewadars" , don´t make much about it to attract people or hang out shields, what should we do? Secondly we live in the western world where you can get food in every corner. So there aren´t many poor people .Here we are wasting tons of food. We don´t need to moan that we just doing it for "ourself", we need parise that we still doing sewa. Our people are a bit lazier than f.e. church members


Dec 29, 2011
SikhGiani ji thanks for your post. One comment,Sat Sri Akal.

I agree with veer ji.

Langar is very important part of Sikhism. It preaches equality, humility and brings the Sikh community together. I feel at peace whenever I do seva in the langar. Langar is open to anyone regardless of faith/no faith.

We are not lazy, quiet the opposite. Christians/churches do this to spread Christianity. I think we should stay away from criticising for the sake of criticism and focus/encourage what is good. There are lot of people who will happy criticise Sikhs, Sikhs shouldn't criticise them selves too much. If it continue happens then people actually start to believe that we deserve the criticism.

Western world problems are mostly self created. Its all about me, me, me.. which means problem, problem, problem...
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