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Is Climate Change Making Us Blind?

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by thecoopes, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. thecoopes

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    Dec 27, 2004
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    Warning Mankind Facing Extinction?

    There is little doubt that our climate, has over the last 50 years been undergoing some drastic changes. Indeed around the world extremes in global weather patterns are causing misery with catastrophic droughts, floods, and Hurricanes. All the while the arguing goes on as to who or what is to blame? Scaremongering, delusion, political expedience, and educated facts are being daily churned out. There are those that are gathering every shred of evidence to support the belief that it is us and our actions that are driving these changes. Many believe if only we would stop doing what we are doing we can stop our descent into climate oblivion!

    Others though are equally adamant that man has limited impact on a planet that is driven by major geological and cosmic forces. Human knowledge grows with every century, this knowledge gets refined, and that which was set in stone suddenly becomes defunct, so care needs to be exercised when people speak in absolutes!

    We are only just coming to understand the roll our earth’s core plays in driving the planet with its central solid mass the size of the moon suspended in an ocean of molten elements. This engine has been running for millions of years influencing conditions on the earth, Sunspots, solar winds, and cosmic events all impact on earth; also any minor change in earths’ orbit of the Sun would cause dramatic change.

    With the facts we see around us of climate problems, we should be asking how unprecedented is this? Is this a phenomenon of the 21st century?

    Long before man chiselled flint into arrowheads the earth had gone through several cataclysmic climate changes, areas of the earth that are now under sea were once land. Fishing boats in our own North Sea regularly trawl up the bones of Bison, Mammoth, Rhinoceros and other plains animals. Between AD800 and 1300 the region of southern Greenland experienced a relative mild climate where trees and herbaceous plants grew, allowing farming of domestic animals.

    The climate change in our northern hemisphere shifts from Glacial to interglacial, at the moment we are in the Holocene interglacial period the one prior to this was the Eemain period that began around 130,000 years ago, during this time forests spread north over what is now just tundra right up to North Cape which is well above the Artic circle. Hardwood trees such as Hazel and Oak grew as far north as Oulu Finland.

    Abundant geological evidence exists that shows climate change is part of the forces shaping our planet; even archaeologists dealing with more recent timescales unearth clear evidence of shifts in climate patterns.

    So climate change is normal and part of earth’s natural cycle, just because humans have bred in vast numbers and are populating every corner of our planet and that these climate changes are endangering our existence does not mean we can stop them.
    If we had been around at the start of the last Ice age could any amount of climate change conferences or global initiatives have halted the ice sheets from covering a third of the planet?

    It is one thing to be aware of the need to study climate change so as to best protect ourselves from its ravages; it is however deluded to believe we have the ability to tame our planet. There are far more immediate and truly global catastrophe’s now playing out that in the very near future could annihilate mankind.

    While the eyes of the world are focused on this “Cause Célèb” of doomsday scenarios everyone has turned a blind eye to those real and present dangers. If we don’t engage them now you won’t need to worry about damp proofing your houses for the coming storm.

    The world may face a very unsure and dangerous 21st century from potential climate disasters, however there are looming disasters that will engulf the whole world and the chances of avoiding it diminish with everyday our attention is so successfully distracted with Climate phobia!
    The worlds’ climate is changing at an alarming rate, but everyone’s eyes are on the weather! OMG
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  3. KulwantK

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    Oct 31, 2007
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    Sat Nam, all- for more on the Global Warming thing, and for some rather different views on it, check out educate-yourself.org and click on the Global Warming Hoax links...interesting readings! But be prepared- you may be in for some things you may not have wanted to see...
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