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General Is Bee's Wax And Amla Oil A Good Idea For A Beard?

Hardas Singh

(previously Satyadhi)
Feb 20, 2007
I have been growing my beard for some time now, and I'm quite happy with it, but it's at a stage where it can be a nuiscance at times. I really don't want to tie down my beard or use any stiff harsh gels in my beard. I want to keep with the free loose flowing beard image, but I want to look clean and neat. I was thinking about buying some amla oil for my hair, but then I started to wonder if I should use it in my beard as well, to keep my beard soft and the skin underneath moisturized.

Secondly, I heard that using bee's wax in ones beard helps to keep the beard neat and properly shaped without making it stiff and unmovable, I also hear that it helps retain moisture and gives a nice gloss to the beard. I also was considering using bee's wax to hold my mustache in place, but I've heard mixed reviews about how well it holds, I want something relatively inexpensive and simple so I thought bee's wax may work. I was wondering if anyone could confirm my thoughts from experiance.
Feb 23, 2008
Dear Satyadhi;

Please note that any item to be used would depend upon the nature of your skin whether it is oily or dry

If your skin is naturally oily (like mine) then you would not need to use anything because the beard would remain soft naturally.

Further I had been using Simco Hair Fixer (available in India) which has caused my beard to become gray earlier because of the harsh chemicals used in the Hair Fixer

Of late I have been washing my face with mild soap & water only. When the beard us wet I tie the same.


Oct 31, 2007
You can try them for a little while, to see how they do. Try one, then the other. You could also try almond oil, and if it or the amla works, you can put a small amount of citronella in the oil in the hot months to help keep mosquitos away. Citronella has a pleasant scent to people, happily. However, it's true, if you have naturally oily skin, chances are you may not need oils.

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