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Introducing New Functionality: Dislikes Option

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Ustatt Ninda dohun not written in vain.......a Line has to be crossed intentionally to press Like/Dislike instead of just reading and passing its not automatic or self exclusive/inclusive. This Page has surpassed 3 pages of discussion so far...and i dont think its dead yet...he he........I have pressed Like quite a lot when some post makes my day..but am reluctant to press dislike..just in case i hurt someone so bad it UN-makes his/her day..he he ......:swordfight-kudiyan:personal choices...


Jun 1, 2004
Bhagat Singh veer ji your logic is flawed in the above. Namely,

  • when you don't "Like" someone's post.
    • Many people just don't want to acknowledge they read a post
    • So many people who are not active responders or writers may not even know the existence of thank you button
    • Most people by nature find it hard to say "Thank you"
      • They may think it will reduce their stature in case they don't get as many thank you
  • It's an implied "Dislike".
    • Conversely the non depiction of a Dislike is also a "Like"
      • I am using your logic
  • So in a way "Like" and "Dislike" balance things out and helps people think may be an "iota" harder about a given post
  • In my mind the greatest respect you can give to any post is to interact
    • Regardless of "Likes" and "Dislikes"
    • One learns a lot through discourse while voting is to encourage and at times as Taranjeet Singh ji flagged it may discourage some
      • For example, I know if Taranjeet Singh ji voted a Dislike for every post on "Sukhmani Sahib" thread that I have done, it certainly would not have been very encouraging for me
  • I find if people are not going to spend the energy to share both agreements and disagreements, then they really are not participating
    • As such they have lost their "Like" and "Dislike" vote regardless of how they vote
I personally have been very greatly discouraged from posting at times due to lack of interaction. I simply share what I have done with good intentions but perhaps with lack of tact.

I will perhaps stop posting in the next 2-3 months. I committed to couple of things to my friends and I will stop making further commitments. This is specially applicable to my Gurbani translations or my understandings thereof.

Sat Sri Akal.

Gurfateh Ambarsaria Ji

There is really nothing said or express to evaluate your efforts...

You need not get discouraged from the lack of response on your priceless translation threads... Lack of interaction simply means there are not many, who can debate with you at that level. If a person, who is pressing the dislike button then s/he better be ready to reply as to what what he found in that post that s/he disliked. Simply pressing dislike button would not suffice. This is the only way we can evolve.

You should never feel discouraged as you are doing a priceless sewa and many many are benefiting from your efforts... IMHO members who disagree with you but behold their understanding are doing a great dis-service to a common average readers. Either they are afraid that others might find flaws or question their understanding or they do simply do not want share with others.

Warm regards




Dec 4, 2011
All this excitement!!! and then it fades away.......
Where has the dislike function gone ???
Luckily, I had just come across the perfect post where I could make use of this facility.Then, when I went to take advantage of this.. it wasn't there!!!!!

It's over already ??
We could have waited for the Stanley cup to finish.


Jun 1, 2004
Well, we have something much better in mind... that will enhance user experience and remove the fear of dislikes... :grinningsingh:


Apr 25, 2006
The "I dislike this post, hate it to my core but ever since you posted it, I love you even more" button would be solve that problem.

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