Institutes Of Sikh Scholars To Avoid Irresponsible Statements By Ignorants/ Lured By


In recent times and even during past century or so, there have been confusions with confusing statements by some Sikh claiming some idea. This has become more of a fashion like in recent case of Mr. Josh of NCM. These aspects of making statements without any knowledge on subject for sake of either pleasing ones political mentors or just for other selfish gains need serious thought as same is source of agony for large masses.

With such a large population of humans at present times and information revolution, it has become all the easy to make such irresponsible statements without having any background in subject matter. Then rampant bashing or excommunication of these few, who are guided by vested interests or just ignorant, is no solution.

The problem with Sikhs has been the lack of institutional method of clarifying any doubts if any by these ignorant people and way to direct them to a responsible class of intellectuals to understand or discuss with them putting any doubt arosen for clarification before making any irresponsible statement and waste precious time of community. It is proposed that such an institute of intellectuals having deep understanding of all Religions and Sikhism be raised which should have research on religious studies and preferably should be funded by SGPC till other methods of funding are found. Any individual wanted to clarify anything or make some great contribution of found something should be directed to these scholars for presenting what he has found for approval. If any such relevant new thing is found, the same can be published in regular researched topics of the Institute or otherwise. This will automatically makes statements of few ignorant or people lured by greed irrelevant.

Also the Institute scope can be increased with inclusion of economist and other scholars, who can guide future activities of community on expansion of educational and health facilities, interconnecting very religious missions or matters etc. This institute may be considers as house of intellectual of Sikh community like Rajya Sabha and like school of Sankaracaryas of Sikh. This will also help in containing large No of Babas propping up in recent times and exaggerated false explanation by few Sikh Ragis, as an Institute to give correct information will be always available.

This institute can have their members even scattered world wide in present days of communication revolution. Aspects like credentials of Scholars nominated with passing of any concept with majority approval after through discussion be given due consideration. Even a very crucial aspect can be put to voting by much larger lobby or community itself in case it is beyond the scope of Institution Scholars.

I think idea is very good to establish Sikh institute but do you think it is really practical when our so called leaders are more interested in their selfish gains & playing dirty politics. Same is the story of SGPC people.
It requires people power to establish such norms as I have seen in a Gurudwara of Toronto which is the biggest in Toronto, they conduct Gurmat class at the weekend to let our younger generation know about our rich history & should try to follow the path shown by our Gurus. But that is just a beginning more volunteers are required to come forward to come forward to take this pursuit ahead.

Thanks & regards,

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
No point looking at SGPC/Akal Takhat..other Takhats etc for the Guidance/advice/leadership...
These pinnacles of Sikhi have already been compromised by greed/politics/and self service..

An Entirely NEW...PEOPLE BASED Singh Sabha Type of GURDWARA SUDHAAR Lehr or Movement is needed and Input from all over the World wide Sikh Diaspora is vital. Without this new movement..such a herculean task of "cleaning out the sgpc stables" is out of the one mountian of filth is cleaned....many more new ones are added...

Jarnail Singh Gyani