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Insignia Of Dignity

Oct 14, 2007
[SIZE=-1]Nishan Sahib is pride of the Sikhs. Once hoisted, it is never done half-mast. Nishan Sahib, along with cover for its pole, is changed every year, or when needed, doing Shabad-Kirtan (Singing of Hymns), Ardas (Invocation), shouting Jaikaras (slogans), distribution of Parshad (sanctified sweet pudding), and rejoicing. At places (Gurdwara Hemkunt and others), the steel pole is lowered, washed with diluted milk, and cleaned before putting on the new cover cum flag. The change is generally made on the Baisakhi (13 April), birthday of the Khalsa. On this day (Baisakhi of 1699 AD), Guru Gobind Singh initiated the people into the Sikh faith by a special ceremony (giving Amrit - a holy drink), for the first time. [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]The old cover and banner of the flag are made into pieces and the people take these away as a gift from the Guru.
[/SIZE]Sikh Missionary Society(U.K.) - Articles - Ensign of Dignity
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