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Inner City Sikh Youth Getting Musically Creative


Here's a link to a inspirational track created by some Sikh youth in East London.

I know many people will have issues with them being monay but they come from quite a challenging inner city environment that presents the usual gauntlet for youth (I should know, I'm a teacher and see this all the time). Given that, I think that positive encouragment is in order.

Have a listen to the track called "Fire Within" and let us know what you think of it if you get the inclination.


Take care




Given the situation such as confused exSikh converts going around promoting their "new" religion and the resentment that some Sikhs feel towards the community often for good reasons but also as often for bullXXXX reasons.

What do you think of tracks such as Fire Within. Do you think it is a good idea or not, and why?


Hello Folks,

For those who are interested: ON THE RADIO TOMMOROW!

The track "Fire Within" has been entered in a competition on BBC's Asian Network. It is going against 3 other demos and the winner will the track that is voted for the most by listeners.

The show is called "Jump Off" and hosted by Mentor (of Mentor Kollective) and is on Saturdays between 5.00pm and 8.00pm. You can hear the show online from the BBC website.

The track will also be given a spin on a show called "Mic Check" hosted by the Foreign Beggers, it will be played in a feature called PROPS! This is on Saturdays too (BBC Asian Network) between 10pm to Midnight.

The track "Fire Within" was created by Iron Mongers with view of issues that the artists felt effect the Sikh community in the U.K. based on their own experiences. These include the conversions of girls, single parent families and domestic abuse. These issues need to be confronted and addressed. But the track is still a very positive one that promotes Sikh unity and pride across our diverse community. It will be released at a later date and given away free or at virtually no cost (to cover price of getting CDs printed), so this isn't a money making thing.

Please support, if you feel so inclined.