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Controversial Inflammatory Talk Successful Stopped By Sikh Youth

Jul 10, 2006
Inflammatory Talk Successful Stopped by Sikh Youth
Wednesday 7th of March 2007
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

London, UK - On Tuesday 1st March, a peaceful protest by the Sikh Sangat stopped an inflammatory extremist Islamic talk from taking place at London School of Pharmacy.

Up to 80 Sikh youth protested at the lecture, which was advertised to display trophy-converts, which included someone who claimed to have denounced his Sikh faith and embracing Islam. The lecture had the aim to ridicule, misinterpret and incite hatred against the Sikh faith in the hope to 'brain wash' innocent Sikh students into an extreme form of Islam. The organisers cancelled the talk by the speaker who was to publicly denounce and attack the Sikh faith and glorify Islam at London School of Pharmacy but are known to be holding them secretly at other universities.

A member of London student Sikh Society said, "Students are feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, the whole situation is creating racial tensions. The universities should carefully monitor who they allow in to present these talks"

During the talk, the Dean of the University and the Student Union attempted to prevent the event from continuing. Some Muslim students attending the event clearly felt embarrassed by the actions of the Islamic Society attempting to ridicule and incite hatred against others.

One Sikh protester raised his arm to allow time to speak. He made it clear that 'Sikh' convert should not slander the Sikh Gurus, disrespect the Sikh religion and incite hatred against Sikhs in his talks and that the intended convert speaker should not speak because it the talks intention was to provoke hatred and confusion. The event speaker publicly showed to agree with us and promised to let the organisers and Islamic societies know that the speaker does not incite hatred or ill feeling against Sikhs and the Sikh religion in any way. The speaker then agreed that Muslims should not be aggressive and forceful in compelling others to accept Islam.

The conversion tactics of these extremists resembles a group called Al-Muhajiroun, which is currently underground in the UK. In previous years the group organised similar large events wherein previous non-Muslims would criticise and denounce their faith and exclaim why they embraced extreme Islam. The talks would incite religious and racial hatred, particularly targeting Sikhs, Hindus and Jews.

The Sikh Sangat left the Islamic Society event with grace and honour, which makes the Sikh community proud of them and their actions. The Sangat concluded the day at a Gurdwara Sahib where an Ardaas was offered for thanksgiving and for strength and determination to uphold the Guru's principles and serving the Guru. The whole incident highlighted that Gurmat Parchaar is needy in institutions like prisons, hospitals and schools and that every Sikhs needs to recognise his or her duty to know about their religion and defend their faith. Through unity we become stronger and together we can successfully work towards raising awareness of the Guru's Sikhi in the wider public and taking a stand where the Sikh community is attacked.

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Breaking News:

Fortunately today a Sikh Sevadar noticed an Inflammatory article on the muslim wekipidia on Sikhism which he subsequently deleted. Is this their way of showing Peace.?

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