Opinion India's Most Competitive States


Here is the survey of India's most competetive states.It is divided in 3 parts.High income.middle income and lower income.Punjab is ranked 3rd in the middle income.While Haryana is ranked 5th and Himachal is ranked 4th in High income group

3. Punjab
Competitiveness Score: 59.75

Punjab has one of the best infrastructure in all of India. Punjab is called the 'Granary of India' or 'India's bread-basket'.

The Firozpur district is the largest producer of wheat and rice in the state.

In worldwide terms, Punjab produces 2% of the world's cotton, 2% of its wheat and 1% of the world's rice.

Besides agriculture other major industries include manufacture of scientific instruments, electrical goods, machine tools, textiles, tourism, sewing machines, sports goods, starch, fertilisers, bicycles, and the processing of pine oil and sugar.

Punjab's GDP per capita stands at Rs 38,859. Its population is 27,475,000.