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Description: This video, taken from the Sikhism.cim site is excellent. You can get a glimpse of the notorious British "comedian" Bernard Manning at the beginning.

I hope the Brits watch this and learn!

To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Indian volunteers in the World Wars
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Sikhs in World War 1 is a subject so understudied it is a sin. The site you just visited has lots of videos. You may find some on there, but I have a feeling they concentrate more on WW2.


PS - I believe Sikhs swung WW1 for the British. They would not have won without them.

Sadly, in the UK, these sacrifices are rarely recognised and the general tendency has been to portray the world wars as white affairs (a rare exception may be the film, The English Patient). You can hear echoes of some of the ignorant comments that many British people aired not so long ago, i.e. that it was white Britons who fought for their "freedom" in these conflicts.

Major work needs to be done to make all Britsh people aware of these sacrifices. But it should be understood that the racists here will try to suppress this or play it down. Their new tactic is to overplay the Sikhs who fought alongside the INA for Indian independance, subtly implying Sikhs are traitors. There are funny things going on in the politics here!

BBC NEWS | Politics | BNP leader defends policy on race


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interesting dal ji

i will look deeper into the site.
i am bit mote intersted in WW1 indian army and sikh contribution