India Indian States With Highest Per Capita Income! Punjab At 8th


Per capita income in India has doubled between 2004-05 and 2010-11 to touch Rs 54,835 per annum. The PCI figure gives a fair idea of the standard of living of the people. India's per capita income in 2009-10 was Rs 46,492.

Per capita income is calculated by evenly dividing the national income among the country's population.

The size of Indian economy at current prices is projected to rise to Rs 72,56,571 crore at the end of the 2011, up 18.3 per cent from Rs 61,33,230 crore in FY 2010.

The provisional data for 2010-11 from a few states including Goa, West Bengal, Gujarat are yet to be released.

The details of State-wise per capita income (net state domestic product at factor cost) at current prices, as compiled and provided by the Directorates of Economics & Statistics of the States, are given in the following pages.

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Punjab: Rs 67,473

Punjab, India's granary produces 20 per cent of India's wheat and 12 per cent of the country's rice.

The states's per capita income is at Rs 67,473.

Punjab is among the first few states in the country with 100 per cent road connectivity in rural areas.

The GDP of Punjab is at $42.110 billion.

The industrial sector is dominated by small scale industries. The primary industries are textiles, sports goods, manufacturing, and agro-based industries.