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Sikh News Indian Police Say Muslim And Sikh Militants Behind Cinema Blast (EARTHtimes.org)

Sep 20, 2004
New Delhi - Indian police on Monday said they suspected that Muslim militant groups and separatist Sikh militants were behind the bomb blast in a cinema hall in the northern state of Punjab which claimed seven lives, officials and news reports said. ...



Apr 28, 2005
Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa and Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

Resorting to violence bring violence.Punjabi residents are enjoying being a part of great India and has been enjoying maximum respects in all fields of life in India.

Political issues has to be settled politically where power is in people's hand not with elected people to look after their interests.

Violence has defamed our concept of Sikhism having non-violence religion.Violence is the only last solutions when all other ways to re-addressing the problem is exhausted or to stop any kinds tyranny or where your rights are violated under suppression .

But here each citizen has fundamental right to vote to change the government every 5 year if not satisfied.We are not under Mugal Raj but under the government elected by the people of the nation.

Unfortunately we failed to educate the citizens .Awareness awareness is needed. No one has to die or sacrices his life by violance in today world where democracy exist and the government elected by the people for the people.

That is why the government is not being blamed on International stage except crushing the movement to destabilize the country by small majority of people for their own gains.

We have very powerful system in democracy to make people aware of their voting power to get their wishes fulfill after if they are not satisfied with elected government.

Simply change the Government.

But to separate from the country as to create a new country for which our Gurus gave sacrifices to be united India and thousands people died to maintain the freedom in India can not be achived without the majority of Punjab resident.

Like Canada and Provence of Quebec had two peaceful referendum to separate without an single violence act . Quebec railed to get enough votes to separate . Quebec has all the potential and resources to survive in world economy with sea port connections .

Where as Punjab is entirely located at region In India between two nations .One is our enemy and other will be India another enemy then what is the feasibility to have a peace environments until unforeseen future. Just because we are not with Hindu India. how about other religion like Gurkha, Malayalam,Bengali and more wish to have their own country because they are not satisfied with the government.

People shoul blames thier elected leaders to fight these issues or do elect them again.

Sikh faith never resolved or plead any kind of Violence , except when there was Mugal rules of anarchy and forced pressure to convert all Hindus to Muslim religion. There was no given rights. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji created a khalsa for defense to protect India.

We were created to defend the country not to divide because our own breakdown unity mostly by having cast system on the plate .

We get chance every 5 years to change the govenment or to settle a question to have your own nation withing the nations. It must be done through den democratically not by violence . There is never any success to resolved any issue with violence in country where democracy is existing .

VOTE is powerful tool to topple any government or organizations in the world.

So why resort to sacrifice your life for than exercising the fundamental right to vote to change things by collective efforts by all residents who are dissatisfied with the government in power.

Das expect comments on this issue.




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