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India Indian Minister Blasts Games Criticism As Exaggerated, Unfair

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Indian minister blasts Games criticism
as exaggerated, unfair

September 24, 2010
Les Whittington - Toronto Star

OTTAWA—India is being subjected to unfair and exaggerated criticism of its preparations for the Commonweath Games, a senior Indian government minister said today, adding that athletes who don’t show up in Delhi may just be worried about losing.

In Canada for trade talks, Anand Sharma, India’s industry minister, lashed out at critics of his country’s readiness for the international games.

He said Canadians who are blasting India now should think back to the questions raised in advance of the Vancouver Olympics and the G20 summit in Toronto.

“Remember when you hosted the Vancouver Games, when you hosted the G20, what kind of images were projected and what kind of criticisms,” Sharma told the media after a meeting with Trade Minister Peter Van Loan.

Critics of India’s preparations have unfairly featured “frozen images” and “exaggeration” in their complaints about the athlete’s village in Delhi.

“There is no major project anywhere in the world which is concluded to perfection.”

Asked about a few Canadian athletes who have decided not to attend the games, Sharma said, “Maybe either they are not confident of winning the medals or they will lose out.”

He also said India is a growing economic power and countries that snub it now may pay a price in economic relations later. “When it comes to business, who’s loss would it be?” he asked.

Sharma said planning for the games has been hampered by “unprecedented rains and floods” and “we expect respect and understanding from our partners.”

The international sporting event will go ahead and will be a success, he added.

“We have the capacity. We have very rich cultural traditions and we know how to receive and welcome our guests. Our guests will be welcomed and the Commonwealth Games will be rejoiced and remembered.”




Cleverness is not wisdom
May 2, 2010
How long have they had to prepare for this event?
7 years..that's right 7!

The next one in 2014 is in Glasgow...where I stay!!!

Major construction projects started here years ago as soon as it was known the Games were on their way

This has included athlete's accommodation, sports stadia, a velodrome and significant expansion of the motorways and public transport links

As a Scotsman, I am proud of all this work and the fact the Games are coming to Glasgow

As an Indian, I am embarrassed that Delhi has made such a huge mess of things

I feel the criticism is entirely justified

If you want to compare with another great sporting event...how brilliant was the last World Cup in South Africa? A nation not without significant societal and economic issues

So no excuses

Sorry if that's harsh
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