India Indian ‘Journalist’ Slams Gurbaksh Singh Than Admits To Receiving Information From ‘Agencies’

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012

This is the first media exposure of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji by Indian media and instead of showing how peacefully a young man has been on hunger strike for more than 43 days asking for the government to stand up for human rights and release prisoners that have completed their jail terms, the Hindustan Times publishes an article TRYING to do an character assassination of him!


After 42 Days of his Hunger Strike, the Indian Media has been almost entirely absent – until now.
In an article published by the Hindustan Times, journalist Pawan Sharma paints an entirely one-sided picture. From labelling Gurbaksh Singh a radical and militant to calling him a liar to questioning the authenticity of his fast, Mr. Sharma provides an unbalanced piece that disallows anyone from Gurbaksh Singh’s team an opportunity to voice their concerns.
Mr. Sharma attributes his claims to an “anonymous” government source that suggests the hunger strike by Gurbaksh Singh is a “miracle” or as Mr. Sharma suggest a farce and a lie.
Fortunately, in a video posted on facebook, when confronted by a Canadian medical practioner, Dr. Avtar Singh from British Columbia, the journalist is asked how he can verify the validity of his claim that Gurbaksh Singh has only lost 4 kg’s of weight, without knowing his starting and current weight.
Mr. Sharma who initially refuses to answer the question after being asked repetatively finally concedes that the information he received has come from the Government Agencies and Doctors.
In India, the term agencies is often used to describe the secret service and intelligence bureaus that work diligently to suppress minority rights and movements.


Apr 5, 2012
Trust me, the Sikhs and their cause are facing more discrimination at the hands of Indian Govt and its media than abroad. unfortunately the Sikhs have failed badly to build one strong platform to fight together and other side is taking full advantage of it. It is so sad.

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