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That indian intelligences were all out to maligne the sikhs to take the revenge of Indira Gandhi murder, thus I will not be even be surprised if truth comes out that it was same agents who planned to crash the AI plane (as they had hold over AI) as 90% of the deads were sikhs.
Dear,sir,indian agencies are trying everymethod to uproot sikhism from punjab.they have tried every method so far and they have been successfull to some extent.they massacared thousands of sikh youth in the fields of punjab in cold blood.they created nirankaris,namtharis,radasoamis and sacha souda agents like gurmeet ram rahim.it is a shame for indian democracy that they are giving z-category protection to rapist people like gurmeet ram rahim.these agencies have flooded the the punjab markets with drugs and alcohol so that sikhs become more addicted and lose their power to produce children and thus reduce their population drastically.these agencies gave protection to those people who massacred thousands of sikhs on the streets of delhi in oct-nov 1984.the black deeds of indian agencies are endless and we have to educate sikhs to be aware of the working of these agencies and thus save sikhism from becoming extinct.
Indian Intelligence paid thousands of dollars to manipulate media

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ask yourselves the following questions:
  • is it possible the recent rash of anti-Sikh articles are a continuation of the policies carried out by Government of India agents;
  • are these briberies so widespread that they continue to control the lack of any media spotlight on this issue;
  • is it possible that 25+ years after the fact, that the manipulations conducted by these agents continue to take place;
  • why has the Canadian government refused to hold the Government of India accountable;
  • What other sectors of life in Canada have been infiltrated by foreign agents; and
  • If this is taking place in Canada, what sort of control does the Government of India have over media within its very own borders?
Re: Indian Intelligence paid thousands of dollars to manipulate media

India Govt has one motto only as it could not elimlnate Sikhs so to abolish their culture, divide them and defame in every country. Thus GOI is spending huge sum whereas the nation is still facing crisis and shot up in prices. People can't afford to have meals two times a day but they have one agenda only.


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Re: Indian Intelligence paid thousands of dollars to manipulate media

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