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Sikh News India: Time To Deliver Justice For Atrocities In Punjab (UN Observer)

Sep 20, 2004
(Delhi, October 18, 2007) – The Indian government must take concrete steps to hold accountable members of its security forces who killed, “disappeared” and tortured thousands of Sikhs during its counterinsurgency campaign in the Punjab, Human Rights Watch and Ensaaf said in a new report released today.



Apr 3, 2008
I am wondering if the India Government might have an ethnic bias against Sikhs and Christians, considering the fact that hundreds and thousands of Sikhs and Christians in Orissa Province have been killed by activist Hindus who want India to be a theocracy under Hinduism. Something isn't right here.


Jun 12, 2006
Many people feel that Shearwater and have been feeling that for quite some time. The so-called "Hinduisation" of India has been referred to as the Saffron Agenda.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Dalasingh ji

There is no question that Hindutva has an anti-Christian and anti-Muslim agenda. And recently even an anti-Buddhist agenda. If anyone wants to view my collection of bookmarks -- they are for the asking. I am not going to post the articles because I do not want to start a thread of antagonism. One angry word always leads to another.

Part of this agenda, however, is to round-up sympathy from Sikhs and other religious sets, and also Dalits, in order to co-opt blocks of votes to advance Hindutva political agendas at the local level. Of course with an eye toward eventually influencing the outcome of seats in the Indian parliament. This is done on a state-by-state basis because of the proportional way that electoral influence is distributed by the Indian constitution. Then it is possible to "divide and conquer" voters by manipulating groups and their blocks of votes. Precisely the same principle of Divide and Conquer
was employed by Britain during the "raj."

Siince votes from various "groups" do not have proportional influence in the US congressional and state elections, US posters may not understand how Hindutva operates locally to influence its national agenda.


(previously jeetijohal, account deactivated at her
Mar 13, 2006
London, UK
Any form of hate in any nation always without exception has a root cause engineering events towards a particular aim, usually to thwart progress and oppress an already struggling peoples. We witnessed recently Benazir Bhutto rousing riots in the otherwise peaceful, well governed and prospering Pakistan simply to indulge her need to play the part of a much needed hero, this was engineered with US assistance as Bhutto curried and courted favour from the Whitehouse to aid her re-entry into political power. Musharaff is very patriotic, gained power by overtaking the corrupt government with a military coup. The country has not only been stable under his rule but flourishes economically without cultural compromise.

Although India has always been diverse the advent of a fast expanding economy has created an anti culture of division where a weak government, a ruthless and devious media all conspire to undermines all groups, societies and religions in order to facilitate the emergence of a craved for westernisation of the land of the ancient culture, in the dubious cause of emancipation. As business relies upon media in turn is relied upon by the government to implement its policies, it has become similar to the civil battle for domination occurring between state, church, banking and media in the US. The church is near defunct and demoralised, banking cast into disrepute leaving both state and media as the two arbitrary portals of power both without any long term agenda than addressing immediate problems as they arise. Focus upon Islam distracts the public’s eye from the debacle occurring within the nation.

Punjab remains oppressed without any just cause by the government. Ghandi who won the last election stepped down fearing assassination for her part in the Kashmir and Punjab fiasco. Hindu’s to date have done nothing to return Punjabi politics to Sikhs and award land owning farmers fair price and due for their harvest and labour. Most families are required to send sons abroad to economically survive and prosper and although Sikhs as a proud race will rare complain, life remains a hard and arduous struggle for most.

Yes we need to assert a campaign to bring justice to Punjab, I would not think any Punjabi has any desire to see the resurgence of upheaval or violence and when the state gains its independence I am sure we can create a better name for it than the ones cited by the previous revolutionaries and probably a reason for the failure of its implementation. God Speed and Power to those who seek complete liberation of this fine state in peace and through political and media channels. It will be accomplished if we all endeavour with calm, steadfast resolute application of reason and understanding.