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Incidental Happiness

Discussion in 'Inspirational' started by BaljinderS, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. BaljinderS

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    Dec 29, 2011
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    This incident is of the period when I was in a job, long ago. One of my colleagues, a Sikh gentleman, was denied promotion despite being very hardworking, sincere and, in my opinion, the most deserving of all. Visibly glum and shattered, one morning, when he was sharing his agony with me, he received a call and all of a sudden his face lit up with joy and euphoria.

    After he had concluded his call, he looked exulted and exclaimed, “Madam, I thank God very much. I am very fortunate. One very good family has conveyed their okay to my proposal for my daughter’s marriage with their highly eligible son.”

    Having said this, he went out. After some time he was back with a packet of sweets and was distributing to all staff members with happiness radiating from his face.

    When he came to me with sweets, I said jokingly, “Sardarji, is it not strange that only an hour ago you were shattered after having being denied a promotion; and now despite no change in that status, you are mad with euphoria.”

    His reply was “Madam, why should I think of that when God has given me another reason to be happy, after all my promotion is not above the happiness of my family and daughter.”

    “That promotion wouldn’t have given me half the joy what I have now.”

    When he left, I went into a thinking mode for quite sometime.

    For everyone, life is like this only; problems and bad news are in plenty and everywhere; but wisdom lies in taking note of small incidents of joy that could bring happiness and touch our lives every now and then.

    Why not enjoy these moments of joy to douse the fire of sorrows. This very approach will make us happy and this world will appear to be a better place to live in.

    One should never choose to live by taking note of bad incidents only and then remain stuck to them. Real wisdom lies in learning to choose between the two.

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  3. Ambarsaria

    Ambarsaria Canada
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    Dec 21, 2010
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    BaljinderS veer ji thanks for your post.

    There is an almost corollary to this post.

    It is phrased as , "Random Acts of Kindness".

    This is a giving part of being human. We can impromptou and with little make someone's day. Examples are,

    • Just saying a pleasant Hello
    • Complementing someone
    • Helping someone with little,
      • An older person behind you in line up, let them get ahead of you
      • A younger person shy of change to buy lunch, offer to help but making sure they do buy
      • Kicking the ball back that may have wandered from the field
      • Asking people if they need help in a fall or slip
    • Helping,
      • Cross the road
      • Flag a Taxi or Bus
      • Giving someone less capable of standing than self a seat
      • Giving an older person waiting for a bus to go home from Gurdwara a lift
    Happiness one gets from giving sometimes has the many fold effect on self too. So it is a win-win.

    Just some thoughts.

    Sat Sri Akal.
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  4. OP

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    Dec 29, 2011
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    Hanji, veer ji, I completely agree.
    Its the little things that make people feel happy and feel good about themselves. Even the Scientist now agree that these kind of acts are good for our emotional well being.
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