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Events In Australia, They Say, "We Are All The Same."

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
We're all the same

28 Sep 10 @ 06:23am by Paige Mason


Three cultures come together - Christian, Muslim and Sikh organise a Sikh temple open day in Craigieburn. KYLIE ELSE

PEOPLE from three distinct faiths have come together to give the community an insight into another religion.

Craigieburn Community Renewal members Nazia Wasif, a Muslim, and Madeleine Lloyd, a Catholic, and Sikh temple committee member Gurninder Singh have put their differences aside to organise an open day at the temple.
Ms Wasif said it was a big achievement for the three faiths.

“This could be the beginning of different religions opening up, this could inspire them,” she said.

While the temple is open continuously and people of all faiths are welcome to attend, this is the first time it has been advertised to the wider community. “If we don’t take the first step, neither will other people,” Ms Wasif said.

Ms Lloyd said since the temple opened in the mid-1990s, she had heard people say it was a mosque, highlighting the need for an open day.
“People have watched it come up from the ground but they’ve never stopped to understand,” she said.

Mr Singh said the Sikh religion welcomed everyone and he wanted people to stop and explore. “Most are aware of the temple but might not have a proper knowledge,” he said.

The day will include two information sessions at 11am and 1pm, martial arts demonstrations and traditional food.

Ms Lloyd said working together had been easy. “Apart from the different faiths we’re all the same. We bleed, we laugh, it’s just different colours and different faiths,” she said.

Ms Lloyd said she hoped opening the temple would bring understanding and awareness. “If we have knowledge about these different faiths it makes us comfortable in our own space,” she said.

Craigieburn Community Renewal started organising the event three months ago.

The pair will now set their sights on other places of worship, including a mosque, Buddhist temple and church in the hope of opening them to the wider community.

The Sikh Temple open day is this Sunday from 10.30am. A shuttle bus will be used to transport people from Craigieburn train station. Visitors are asked to remove their shoes and cover their heads before entering. Cigarettes, meat and alcohol are also banned from entering the temple.




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