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Imaginary events in Sikh History (which threaten to become from fiction to history)

Harjinder Singh Dilgeer

Jun 20, 2016
Sometimes writers write fictional stories that sometimes become very popular; Particularly those in which suffering, oppression, persecution, bravery, sacrifice, etc. are mentioned. These fictional stories are in danger of being imagined from myth and myth to history. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana are just mythical works. Not only the myth of the gods of Rome and Greece, but also Jews, Christians, and Islam, there are piles of fiction. Sindh's Sassy Punnu, Heer Ranjha (Damodar Gulati and heir), Mirza Sahib (Pilu), Sohani Mahinwal (Hafiz Bardhur and Hashim) were very popular in Punjab. These fantasy stories gradually became history. In Balochistan (near Lonwadi Thori), the tombs of Sasi Punnu's, Shahdapur in Sindh (on Shahpur Chakra Road), Sohani Mahiwal's, Heer and Ranjhe's in Jhanjh City and Mirza Sahib's tombs in Danabad (Jaranwala). People worship them too. Likewise, many more 'monuments' of mythological events have been made and people have started to call these places historical.

Shortly after the demise of Guru Nanak in Sikh history, the intrusion of mischief and imagination on it began.

1. First of all, Gup Bala's character Ana (Hindalis Janmashi) tried to make it real by writing. He even made his samadh in Khadaur Sahib.

2. In the same Janam Sakhi a saint named Sadhu is also introduced. The Hindalis even gave a gift of 20 rupees to Guru Nanak Sahib for feeding and offering this orange.

3. Guru Nanak Sahib took the gossip story of getting a robe in Mecca so that the robe could be shown to the people.

4. Then at the time of Guru Arjan Sahib, there was talk of renouncing Chandu's daughter and sending the same Chandu's daughter and daughter to Guru Arjan Sahib. The story of Chandu's daughter-in-law coming to see the burning sand on the body of Guru Sahib and the grieving story may have been done to start Chandu's family.

5. Guru Harkishan's talk of watering smallpox patients in Delhi (on March 25, Guru Ji was surrounded by smallpox and after that, he could not get up; nor did Jai Singh Mirza's bungalow on the side of the road. From where the water was taken).

6. Santokh Singh, the gossiper, was also involved in seizing money from Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib to build and build a house for Bhai Dugo of Faithman. Bhai Dugo was a unique servant of the Guru. When Guru Ji was arrested in 1665, he too was with him. Later on, Guru Gobind Singh Ji used to come to see Dago's son.

7. Bhai Jaita's father cut off his head and place his head in place of Guru's head (This gossip was proclaimed by Bhai Jaita's father Sada Nand (false name, real name Bhai Aagi) with his head cut off. The son had taken Guru's head by placing it at Chandni Chowk through Jait, which was also a poem to pay homage to Bhai Jaita's father. No such incident is directly related to such an incident. Not even.Most of the gossip stories were told by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib from leaving Anandpur Sahib to Talwandi Sabo. The following are:

8. Flooding in the Rainy River Sarsa on December 6, 1705 (Rainy river Sarsa never and never flooded in December)

9. The gossip of a pile of books in a flood in December in the Rainy River. According to Guru Ji's command nobody brought anything from Anandpur and all came empty handed;

10. Mata Gujri's wealth to be hugged and cursed by her son (This is the worst dishonor of Mata Gujari by Santokh Singh, who wrote the opium);

11. Singing Asa's Bar on the Sarsa River (Just Gap). By that time the enemy had come to the head. Bhai Jivan Singh was stopping them between the Bhatti village and the Sarsa river, and Bhai Uday Singh Shahi on the hill. At that time, the enemy was desperate to escape. The gossip is so laughable)

12. Gangu's cousin Gangu's grandfather Ana (Mata Gujri and Sahibzada were taken to roam (Jat, whose offspring is Harnam Singh Ghooma of the Mehta Dera) and the Darbari (a Brahmin of Saheri) was arrested. There is no name for any super-gang,

13. To portray the character of Moti Ram Mehra and kill her with family (Niri Gap; in any one source is not even the name of the so-called Moti Ram Mehra).

14. Silence by Sher Muhammad Khan for shouting hay and writing to Aurangzeb (Nawab Malerkotla, the Wazir Khan of Sirhind, had only said: "I will avenge my brother's death from his child's death. No, he had not stopped their killings and his letter to Aurangzeb, sitting 3000 km away, is 'great gossip').

15. Suicide by Wazir Khan's wife's wife not preventing the killing of Sahibzada (Daughter of Thai writer Bhai Vir Singh Gupta, which was reprinted by Sukhpreet Udoki Gappi and Thug in 2018. In one of the antitrust stories). Or even indirect).

16. Humiliation of Bhai Kapoor Singh Brar and Bhai Dalle (It is a shameful move by Santokh Singh Kavi to shout against these great servants of the Guru and destroy his great personality).

17. The story of Tat and Bandai Khalsa is full (this was by the guru Saroop Das Bhalla.)

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