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ILL - TIMED MORSELS By S. Simranjeet Singh Mann

Dec 2, 2006



S. Simranjeet Singh Mann

Appointing S. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa as the Chairman of Parliamentary Board and S. Ranjeet Singh Brahmpura as the Chairman of Disciplinary Committee, S. Prakash Singh Badal has only given the lion’s share to senior leaders, while making his son the acting President of the party. These days, whenever one reads any Punjabi, English or Hindi newspaper, one comes to know that none of the newspapers refer to Sukhbir as ‘Sukhbir Singh’ but mentions his name as only ‘Sukhbir Badal’. The significance of the four tenures of Mr. Badal as the Chief Minister of Punjab is that the newspapers have altogether left putting ‘Singh’ with the names of Akali Dal members e.g. Sukhdev Dhindsa, Ranjeet Brahmpura etc. etc. This is well known to you all that Sukhbir Badal is the first ever President of Akali Dal who is not baptized, doesn’t keeps his beard flowing, doesn’t don ‘Five Kakaars’ and over all that have been charge sheeted in many cases of fraud, looting, blackmail and bribery like his father and old mother. All the personalities mentioned above are the followers of ‘Deradaars’ (So-called mortal holy men) like: Sirsa Waale, Radha Sowami, Noor Mehalias, Bhaniara Waala Baba or Miss Jagir Kaur’s Dera etc. Apart from this, these persons go to those ‘Gurudwaras’ only where contrary to traditional Sikh and Akali belief and practice; no ‘Nishan Sahib’ (traditional holy pole with a double-edged sword at the top, signifying the building of Gurudwara) is found.

What is the use of appointing Mr. Dhindsa as the Chairman of Parliamentary Board when there are no elections taking place in near future? S. Ranjeet Singh Brahmpura wouldn’t be having much influence as the In charge of disciplinary committee as under his supervision Miss Laxmi Kanta Chawla and other M.L.A.s of Akali Dal – B.J.P. alliance have taken oath in Hindi, Sanskrit and English already - instead of Punjabi. Readers must know that Akali Dal established the independent Punjab State in 1966 after a rigorous struggle. Master Tara Singh raised this demand only after 1947 because of the fact that Akali leaders like Master Ji and Baldev Singh had been unsuccessful in acquiring a separate independent state ‘Khalistan’ for Sikhs in the face of heavy opposition of Hindutava leaders. Pratap Singh Kairon, the Chief Minister of Punjab at that time had dealt with traditional Akali leaders very cruelly and had tortured and jailed almost 60 thousand Akalis. The independent State of Punjab could only be clinched out after Kairon descended from the post. Now the history has taken a U -Turn. Adesh Pratap Singh Kairon, the grandson of the same cruel Chief Minister Kairon, who is the son-in-law of Mr. Badal, is our food supply minister. Mr. Badal is fully expected to distribute the promised flour and pulses at respectively 4 Rs./Kg. And 20 Rs./Kg., and show his devotedness towards the public welfare in the pure Brahminical way of virtue and service.

Today I got the news that Capt. Amrinder Singh and Bharatinder Singh Chahal have fled the country. Both these leaders inflicted cruelties and waged bribery for full 5 years, reflecting their indifference towards the law of cause and effect. They forgot that they will have to pay for these ill deeds, and they sold salt calling it sugar during their tenure believing foolishly that the public and the opposition would forget what they have done and would forgive them. I remember June 2005 when Amrinder Singh had got me arrested and had told that inspector from Morinda to batter me hard. That man hit me in my back very cruelly. Due to that harsh treatment I can not sit on the floor and I need to keep a cushion behind my back whenever I sit in a chair or a car because it pains a lot even today. This man (the inspector) interrogated and insulted me, misbehaved with me in C.I.A. center (Ropar) on a peak summer day of 15th June 2005. Then for almost 3 months he kept me under lock in Ludhiana jail and confiscated my passport too. I ask from this cruel man (Capt. Amrinder Singh) now if he had not heard the famous Doha (Couplet) by Baba Farid –

“farida roti meri kaathh ki, laavan meri bhukhh,

jinna ne khaddi choprri, ghane sehange dukhh !!”

(Farid says that my bread is made of wood (devotion), the salt (humility) is my crave, those who are eating buttered food (riches acquired from ill deeds), will have to bear many pains in future.)

I know that Capt. Amrinder Singh and Bharatinder Singh have not gone to foreign countries for any medical assistance, because I know that even in foreign countries, most talented and skilled doctors are Sikhs and Indians. When I had gone under treatment for my heart disease in A.I.I.M.S. (Delhi), could not ‘I’ go to any foreign land to get the same treatment on the expenses of Central Government because I was an M.P. myself then? But I thought that if I can get the best treatment here in India, what is the need to go to any foreign country and waste Governmental Money? So Prof. Venu Gopal, who is a heart specialist from A.I.I.M.S., treated me, who assured me that they have made by heart capable of enduring not even a walk of 8000 feet to his house in Dalhousie, but an expedition to Mount Everest. So, keeping the above said words in mind, it is clear that people like Captain and Chahal are cowards and escapists and they are skilled only in torturing others not bearing the same on their selves. If something was wrong with Mr. Amrinder Singh’s health, he could have taken the best kind of treatment here in India. But Pakistani newspapers have opened up the Pandora’s box of the mal-functioning of these leaders’ lives and now we know that who and what is attracting them to those foreign countries? I do not expect from these people to walk upon the path of chastity laid before us by Guru Sahibaan, or to shun bribery and other vices. The instance of Benazir Bhutto doing the same comes to my mind, when she had collected wealth from poor Pakistani public and had left the country to live lavishly in her riches. Similarly, when Congress came in power in 2002, people like Hardeep Singh who is the trustee to the treasure of cruelty and corruption of Mr. Badal, are absent till now. It is also very apparent that now, when Mr. Badal is again the Chief Minister, those people would emerge out of thin air again and would be awarded with good posts in the ministry.

You all must have heard the news about Mr. Badal offering the Raj Sabha seat (for which elections are being held on 29th March) in a platter to Naresh Gujral, son of the Ex-Prime Minister of India I.K. Gujral. This seat has been clinched out of deserving Akali candidates. Hindu members occupy almost 90% of the seats in the Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha houses of Indian Parliament. Sikhs cannot even expect consideration being a minority among so many Hindu members. I could barely get two minutes from Speaker to present the cases of Sikh and Punjabi community when I was an M.P. I am amazed of the fact that not even a single soul from Sikh community is complaining about this heinous act committed by Mr. Badal. How can Sikhs tolerate his giving this seat to a Hindu, when Sikhs have got an iota of participation in Indian Parliament jam-packed with Hindu members? I cannot get an idea that where is Mr. Badal and his family’s thought process and expectations are headed? What does he expects from Sikhs now? Should they commit suicides after this shameful act of his?

Badal has appointed S. Ajmer Singh Lakhhowal (President of Kisan Union) as the Chairman of Punjab Mandi Board. He is the same person, who came to my home in Village Killah S. Harnam Singh, bringing with him Babbar Khalsa supporter Rajinder Singh, Virsa Singh Valtoha (chosen now as M.L.A. from Valtoha) and other extremist leaders in 1991. These were the people who were involved in boycotting elections. Under the same conspiracy, editor of Ajit Daily Mr. Barjinder Singh and S. Parkash Singh Badal used to embarrass me by nipping my legs at my house in sector 10, Chandigarh. I always told them not to do it because they are respected leaders of the Panth. My father Late S. Joginder Singh Mann was also a witness to this and he also requested both of them with folded hands to not to boycott elections, but to no avail. In the end they got the elections cancelled with the support of extremist terrorist groups (except Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal). Next, when cruel Beant Singh came into power, same was this Lakhhowal who went to meet Chief Minister Beant Singh, the hand behind massacre of countless innocent Sikhs, and congratulated him on becoming Chief Minister at secretariat (Chandigarh). S. Parkash Singh Badal and Barjinder Singh not even supported Beant Singh fully from behind the veil but also attended his Bhog ceremony at his sector 2 residence and expressed their deep grief on his death when Shaheed-E-Azam S. Dilawar Singh assassinated him. There has been no conflict of facts or truth in this that these people supported the killings of Sikhs and massacre of innocent Sikh community committed by Beant and central governments.

If we analyze world politics, we find that commonly Farmers’ Unions never attach themselves to any political party, but the situation is opposite and most absurd here. Mr. Ajmer Singh Lakhhowal is associated with Badal group since a very long time. Bhupinder Singh Mann is associated with Congress in the same manner. I was contesting elections from Dhanaula constituency in February 2007 elections. Whenever Mr. Badal came to campaign against me, Mr. Lakhhowal would be the first one to cackle about me the loudest. Trident has acquired 376 killas of the land of farmers from Village Fatehgarh Channa. I lead them against the authorities to get their land back facing bullet shots and tear gas, not bothering about my own life. But Lakhhowal and Mann did not even ask the farmers about their well being, instead Lakhhowal taking sides with Badal and Mann supporting Mr. Amrinder Singh, gave full assistance to Trident in this inhuman act. I am sure they got big reward for this support from Trident Group. But the most tragic part of the story is that today, Sikh community votes for these Gangu Baahmans, Chandus, Lal Sings, Tej Singhs and Baldev Singhs.

But I like Punjabi and Sikh voters, freeing me from the responsibilities of Assembly and Parliament; they bless me with some time to write about all these incidents and happenings.

(The Article was originally in Punjabi. I translated it into English. All of you are welcome to correct any grammatical mistakes you notice.)

Simranjeet Singh


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