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If You Are Lonely And Depressed

Jun 1, 2004
Wherever you live, go out in the evening-time as the light begins to fade, before night falls. Look at the setting Sun and the rising Moon. See the beauty of their colours. Wait for the stars to come out. Know that the whole of Creation is the sign of God's presence among us. The Sun that gives hope in the light of day. The Moon that gives hope in the dark of night. And all the starways are but the pathways of the angels and the saints, a mighty host in number, praying for you.

You live by a lake? Listen to the tiny waves lapping on the shore. You are listening to the gentle touch of God, Who envelops your soul with His mercy.

You live by the sea? Listen to the ocean breakers crashing on the shore. You are listening to the strength of God, Whose laws govern the whole universe.

The Spirit is on the waters. By the Will of the Almighty, know that the waves have broken on these shores for thousands of years before you. And if God grants it, long after you have left this world, the waves will still be breaking on the countless grains of sand and listened to by generations unborn.

It is raining? Each raindrop contains within itself a rainbow. It is snowing? Each snowdrop is a miracle which cannot be imitated. Rain or snow, know that God is purifying His world.

You live in a great city? Go out into the avenues lined with trees, the squares, the parks and the gardens. Listen to the rustling whisper of the leaves in the breeze. The breeze is the breath of God, giving life. The leaves speak of the wisdom of the Creator. Look at the blades of grass, almost infinite in number, but never as many as God's mercies. Look at the faces of the flowers, each grown by miracle from a tiny seed, all different, as the faces of humanity looking up to God. However clever man may grow, however many his workshops and laboratories, he will never be able to create a single leaf, or a single blade of grass, or a single blossom.

The forests and the fields, the mountains and the streams, the hills and the lakes, the oceans and the seas, the whole of Creation is but a mirror of the power and beauty of God.

In the freshness of the spring green, in the stillness of the summer heat, in the suddenness of the autumn gale, in the coldness of the winter ice, know that God is here, with you.

You are lonely? Why? You are never alone, for wherever you go, the hosts of the Creator go with you.

You are depressed? Why? Whatever manmade pain now afflicts you, your soul will soon go beyond time and space into the warmth of Godmade Love.

Chase away your sorrow! God is with you, in all the beauty that He has made for you.
Jul 13, 2004
I take alone and lonely as two different words.

Lonely is a negative situation of being without companions, some sort of dejection.
Alone is something unique, that doesn’t fall in the regular classes. Further, is it so: Alone = All + ONE, considering self single but still part of everything, the state of ultimate unity with Him!

This post sounds for lonely kind, and not the alone one.
Jul 13, 2004
That way, following sentence in original post
You are lonely? Why? You are never alone, for wherever you go, the hosts of the Creator go with you.

takes new form as:
You are lonely? Why? You are never lonely, for wherever you go, the hosts of the Creator go with you.

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