If Tomorrow Never Comes

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    I May Never See Tomorrow

    I may never see tomorrow, there's no written guarantee,
    And things that happened yesterday belong to history.

    I can't predict the future, I can't change the past,
    I have just the present moments to treat as my last.

    I must use this moment wisely, for soon it will pass away,
    And be lost forever as a part of yesterday.

    I must exercise compassion, help the fallen to their feet,
    Be a friend unto the friendless, make their life complete.

    The unkind things I do today, may never be undone,
    And friendships that I fail to win, may never more be won.

    I may not have another chance on bended knees to pray,
    And I thank God with a humble heart for giving me this day.

    If tomorrow never comes I just want to tell you
    that you are very dear to me and I love you.
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    Excellent Humble Gursevak ji !

    Hey , What about Fairy Tale Dreams ,which are in endless future , like MUKTI , HEAVEN , Meeting of God after Death , . ;)

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