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I Want To Learn More About Sikhism


Aug 29, 2013

My name is Abhijeet I am Hindu but I am fell good whenever I read any guru Nanak dev ji message
I am 25 yrs old I want learn more about Sikhism
I am surprised that no one has yet answered to the queries of brother Abhijeet
Hi Abhijeet , sikhism is basically an indian , dharmic religion . Guru Nanak dev ji, founder of sikh thought, has based sikhism on 3 pillars :
1) Naam japo (recite and thus meditate on name of god )
2) Kirat karo (earn a honest living , don't earn by dishonest ways)
3) wannd chhako (baant ke khao , share with others )

This 3 are pillars of sikh religion . A sikh is someone who follows these 3 principles . A sikh is someone who does both 'simran' (from sanskrit 'sumiran') meaning 'rememberance' (of god) and 'seva' (meaning service to humanity)

If you wish to start with guru Nanak's teaching, start with the 3-point guideline I mentioned above.
Guru Nanak said
"O lord , how can we see your mansion ? how can we experience your love?". In the next line he himself replied
"In the early hours before dawn (around 4am ) , get up , awake , bathe and recite your lord's name "
You can use any name for god , In Guru Granth sahib (sikh religious scripture and our 11th guru), god has been described by both hindu and muslim names :
for eg : karuna-kar (merciful), and raheem (merciful)
God is remembered as both 'bhagwaan' and 'allah' . For Guru nanak , all names are same and equally great !
But Guru Nanak has given one mantra : "Waheguru" . It is this mantra that sikhs are to meditate and chant at early hours before dawn

Peace ! :)


Jan 10, 2011
London UK

My name is Abhijeet I am Hindu but I am fell good whenever I read any guru Nanak dev ji message
I am 25 yrs old I want learn more about Sikhism
Abhijeet - welcome !

You're on to a good start with Seeker 2013. At 25 you want to be learning about yourself, experimenting with objects that takes your fancy and generally exploring the good, beautiful and the just and unjust social norms. That will help find your bearing and a good grind to character building.

Sikhism, like other religions teaches the same basic codes of conduct, be good, see good and do good, everything else will begin to make sense as you start to grow into manhood.

Good luck !

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
I can only share with you my own understanding of Sikhism, it was started by Guru Nanak devji as an alternative to the religions of the time. At that time most religions were mired in ritual, mostly misunderstood by the common man, and on the whole adopted the carrot and stick approach to living, ie, do this, do that, and you will go to heaven, not be reborn, etc. The religions were run by an elite who preyed on the lack of understanding that was common and inevitably manipulation took place of people who did not know better.

So Sikhism stood for a direct relationship with Creator without the need for a clergy, for no rituals, no carrots, no sticks, no heaven, no hell and finally, death. The object was to live a life that was content and accepting, but also to help others who needed help, not in a demented help all fashion, but to use logic, discretion and wisdom to educate oneself in the ultimate truths of the world in order to give heightened perception and understanding.

Spiritually, it is believed that if one is in consonance with ones surroundings, then that feeling is not unlike heaven, but once achieved, it has to be maintained, every day, every hour.

just my own understanding

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